21 Reasons to Visit Secret Bay in 2021

Yearning for a winter vacation? For those with wanderlust withdrawals, a longing for nature or even a simple need for relaxation, we invite you to experience Secret Bay with 21 reasons to visit in 2021 (though, you’ll likely only need one or two of these to convince you).

1. Perfect vacation weather all year round.

No matter when you touch down in Dominica, the year-round climate is always either as gentle as spring and or as vivacious as summer. February or July—the temperate microenvironment of our hideaway makes for the ideal vacation any time of year.

2. Certified world-class recognition.

Our many accolades include being named the #1 Resort Hotel in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas and #6 Hotel in the World in Travel + Leisure’s 2020 World’s Best Awards, a “Top Resort in the Caribbean” in Condé Nast Traveler’s 2020 Reader’s Choice Awards, “Wow Pick of the Year” in the 2021 Kiwi Collection Awards, among so much more. With top travel authorities raving over our six-star experience, it’s not a bad idea to visit to verify the caliber of luxury for yourself. 

3. Our restaurant is led by a world-renowned chef.

Any food may nourish the body, but it’s the thoughtful and authentic dishes that nourish the soul. Secret Bay’s new executive chef Fábio Fernandes not only brings a breadth of culinary expertise and world flavors to Zing Zing restaurant, but also a deep respect for the natural flavors and ingredients of Dominica.

5. Secret Bay is owned & operated by an award-winning hotelier.

Secret Bay’s proprietor Gregor Nassief was recently named Caribbean Journal’s ‘Caribbean Hotelier of the Year for his commitment to and passion for hospitality. You know you’re getting guarantee of the real deal here, as Nassief is a Dominica native with a vision for sharing the authentic beauty of his island home.

4. Secret Bay is committed to sustainability.

Secret Bay exists upon a system of values to sustain the natural purity of our native community and habitat while facilitating a harmonious interaction between guests and the island itself. Our pioneering initiatives include behind-the-scenes choices like banning single-use plastic, constructing without heavy machinery, maintaining a zero-waste policy, nurturing organic backyard gardens, achieving Green Globe certification and so much more. 

6. It’ll be a trip for the [photo] books.

Plentiful daylight, abundant foliage and rugged natural landscapes all meet in a marriage of visuals that delight the lens as much as they delight the eyes. The natural surroundings combined with gorgeous eco-friendly architecture makes Secret Bay one of the most easily photographable places in existence.

7. Privacy and serenity are built into your stay.

One of the main reasons guests come to Dominica is to escape the crowds and chaos of everyday life. Seclusion is a given—though, of course, there’s plenty opportunity to socialize and connect as well. With your own private villa, relaxation is effortless and stress-free here for those looking for a bit of peace of mind.

8. Adventure is at your doorstep. 

Nature makes for the best playground. Island pursuits range from horseback riding to hidden sulphur spas to canyoning through mystical caverns.

9. Your stay is inherently customisable. 

In respect to spa treatments, culinary experiences, adventure plans and villa amenities—it’s all highly customisable to your liking.

10. There’s something for everyone.

For some, the word “vacation” evokes ideas of sporting and adventure, while for others, the word calls to mind feelings of rest and rejuvenation. For either 24/7 relaxation or heart-pounding exhilaration, there’s something different to do every day.

11. Guests have multiple opportunities to make a positive environmental impact during their stay.

It’s no secret that Secret Bay is a forward-leaning marvel of sustainable ecotourism. While here, guests have the unique opportunity to make their own positive impact on the environment through our new coral restoration experience or lionfish hunting trip (an invasive species), allowing visitors to help leave Dominica a slightly better place than when they arrived. 

12. There’s no better place for mind-body wellness.

Nature is truly nurturing, so we have to give most of the credit to the island itself, but our resort is designed to support nature in helping you achieve mind-body wellness with destinations like the Gommier Spa, Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion and even the Zamann Watersports Hut. 

13. You’ll have the best sleep of your life.

We’re committed to a six-star sleeping experience: thoughtfully chosen amenities and customisable bedding paired with nature’s sounds and scents make for the perfect sleeping conditions.

14. Fresh, flavorful food.

At Secret Bay and throughout the island, you’ll get to enjoy fresh local fare—from fruits and herbs to tropical fish—at its finest. Locally sourced and from our own in-villa gardens, our ingredients are like no other.

15. Secret Bay celebrates & supports romance.

The Nature Island is, of course, teeming with romance—we’ve only made it a little more accessible.

16. Gorgeous views, anywhere you look.

Whether you’re sitting on the deck of your private villa or standing on a paddleboard in the open sea, the views of the land, sky and sea are unforgettable.

17. It’s a place to heal.

Secret Bay was designed to send you away better than when you arrived. Come here for the healing power of nature—however that may look for you.

18. There’s fun for the whole family.

Secret Bay caters to all types of guests—from solo travelers to newlyweds to families. Ask us about our family packages before your stay or consult your villa host for recommendations upon arrival.

19. Up-close wildlife encounters.

Whale watching, bird watching, scuba diving, snorkeling, horseback riding—there’s plenty of opportunity to view or engage with native wildlife at and around Secret Bay.

20. Experience a new (to you), vibrant culture.

In eight villages across the Kalinago Territory on the East Coast of the Nature Island, you’ll find the native Kalinago people who have kept much of their tradition and way of life over the years and are pleased to welcome visitors.

21. Because you deserve it.

Whether you’re in need of a celebration or a moment of peace, a stay at Secret Bay may be just what you need most. There’s no better place to rest your body and recharge your spirit as you deserve.

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