Diver’s Paradise

5 Days of Scuba in a Global Top-10 Diving Location

$790 USD per person, plus transportation, plus taxes
*Minimum 7 night stay

Here’s your opportunity to experience one of the top-rated diving locales in the world. Known for its endemic species and unspoilt habitats, Dominica harbors a thriving marine sanctuary, alive with color and graceful motion. Both airport and dive site transportation can be arranged. An inspiring topside hike to close out the week, this package unlocks the unspoilt habitats of a lesser-known world, from deep sea to lush rainforest peaks. 

5 Days of Diving

Kick off your dives with a sunset session the day after you arrive. On your one and only night dive, you may observe bizarre creatures, like the basket star, which emerges from its spherical daytime form at night into a beautiful fan to filter nutrients from surrounding waters. Beyond your first dive, each following two-tank dive will take place on the next consecutive morning of your stay.

Syndicate Trail Hike

On your last full day, get re-acclimatized with a hike along the Syndicate Nature Trail, a must for any adventurer. Wind through mammoth tree trunks and observe dozens of migrant and local bird species, like the Sisserou Parrot and the Jaco Parrot, both of which are endemic to the island of Dominica.



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