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Sustainably-built villas complemented by extensively personalised service in the heart of undiscovered Dominica.

Secret Bay’s award-winning villas are renowned for their artful fusion of high design and local craftsmanship, forming open-air luxury residences enveloped in nature’s lush embrace. Composed entirely of sustainably-sourced tropical hardwoods, the freestanding retreats feature expansive indoor and outdoor living spaces — inclusive of private plunge pools, contemporary gourmet kitchens, covered terraces and breathtaking ocean views — offering a tranquil, secluded sanctuary to reconnect with nature, one another and oneself.

Zabuco Honeymoon Villa I

Secret Bay’s original Zabuco Villa is where the beautiful dream of Secret Bay began. The view from Zabuco I is truly panoramic from all sides of the cliffs out to the sea, best enjoyed from the outdoor deck or plunge pool. Guests also have exclusive use of the enchanting Wild Orchid Garden Decks.

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Zabuco Honeymoon Villas II & III

Zabuco Villas II & III offer breathtaking 180-degree views over the mountain peaks of Dominica and the sparkling Caribbean Sea. These villas are perfect for all romantic occasions—including honeymoons, private beach weddings, anniversaries or simply rekindling your love and reconnecting with one another.

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Ti-Fèy Villa I

Exotic and private, Secret Bay's Ti-Fèy Villa I is a fashionable treehouse boasting floor-to-ceiling glass walls and a two-story design, with a private plunge pool, outdoor rain shower cantilevered off the second floor, extra bathroom, gourmet kitchen and every modern amenity imaginable to complete your idyllic under-the-radar romantic hideaway.

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Ylang Ylang Villas I & II

Rising up from the ground from a single stem, the Ylang Ylang Villas present a stunning architectural creation. The nearly 1,600-square-foot villas feature one bed and bath, two decks, an elevated pool directly accessible from the bedroom, a barbecue and a hammock sofa—the ideal setting for an unforgettable retreat.

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Hillside Ti-Fèy Villas I-VI

Gracefully perched upon the island's lush hillsides, Secret Bay's two-story Ti-Fèy Villas offer spectacular jungle-to-ocean views that extend to the Nature Island's tallest mountain, Morne Diablotin. Situated in the densest area of Dominica's rainforest, these villas provide an other-worldly experience entirely immersed in nature and the utmost luxury.

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Multi-Villa Estates

Reconnect, relax and revel in the beauty of the island with your very own secluded sanctuary. Secret Bay’s Multi-Villa Estates are designed for family, friends or groups of any size who desire an interconnected experience in a private seaside oasis.

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Slept Away Program

Discover Your Options

Do you prefer to be on your side or back? A hard pillow or a couple of soft ones? A mattress with a bit of extra give? Maybe you like a calming herbal tea, or an eye mask to block out every last inch of light. When it comes to our sleep rituals, we are all unique.

At Secret Bay we pride ourselves on giving every guest the most personalised service available. From being able to choose what you want for every meal, to the bespoke experiences and activities we craft for our guests. With our new SleptAway sleep program, we’re making sure your wishes are met night and day.

Everyone coming to unwind with us can now pick the mattress and pillows that best suit their posture and preferences. You can then select from a wide range of soothing accompaniments specially chosen to ensure that, whatever it takes to help you sleep still and deep, you’ll find it here at Secret Bay.

Secret Bay’s standard mattresses are already the very finest available, super comfortable and medium firm. However we now also offer a firmer mattress should you prefer. Whichever you choose, you can rest comfortably in the knowledge that all our mattresses were custom made from natural biodegradable latex foam from the forests of South America. They are designed to hug the contours of your body’s curves as you move in the bed, thus providing continuous orthopedic support throughout the night.


  • Naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, mites & other odor-causing germs
  • Reduces motion transfer between you and your partner
  • Reduces presence of allergens

Secret Bay’s standard pillows have been described by many of our guests as “the most comfortable pillows they have slept on”. Made by Charisma, our luxury down pillows are a soft pillow suitable for head and neck support throughout the night. They have a 400 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton shell, and are hypoallergenic. We stock a variety of different sizes, some of which are more appropriate for different styles of sleep.

Should you prefer, we now offer five alternative pillow types (subject to availability):

Alternative pillows

Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillows by Sleep Innovations:
The Sleep Innovations Contour pillow is designed to provide optimal spinal alignment and help you enjoy a better quality sleep, and was especially designed to suit both back and side sleepers. Furthermore, the pillow has a high loft and a low loft to allow you to choose the most comfortable sleeping position. Both sides will allow your head and neck to be fully supported throughout the night.

Mediflow Waterbase pillow:
This pillow is clinically shown to improve quality of sleep and reduce neck pain. It has a thermal insulator that surrounds the water base, which can be adjusted depending upon the degree of support you prefer.

Eco Pure King Pillows by Martez:
The Martex EcoPure Pillow features the unique EcoPure fill, which consists of polyester fiber generated from recycled plastic bottles. The polyester fibers provide you with medium to firm support.

Malouf Memory Foam Molded Pillow:
This pillow offers immediate support while the foam has a soft, quick recovery quality. The open cell technology will prevent the pillow from flattening over time and also promotes better air circulation for superior heat transference. The foam is also antimicrobial and resistant to allergens and dust mites.

Perfect Fit Extra Film Density:
The Perfect Fit density pillow shell is constructed out of 233 thread-count cotton and is filled with 100% Slumbersoft hypo-allergenic polyester fill. Naturally hypo-allergenic, its 2 inch sidewall and 34 ounces of fill mean it is ideal for side sleepers.

Eye masks
We stock two types of eye mask. The Body Elements Naturals Rice sleeping eye mask is an eco-friendly blindfold, made of light weight rice totally blocks out light. Alternatively, the Myhome 100% Pure filled Silk Eye Mask is made from 100% long mulberry silk floss, blocks out light and works well for side sleepers.

Ear Plugs
We do also stock a couple of types of ear plug, but as all you are likely to hear is the waves below your balcony, and maybe the occasional bird in the morning, we doubt you’ll need them.

All our herbal teas were grown right here in the gardens of Secret Bay. They include:

Sour Sop:
Sour Sop is a spiky tropical fruit scientifically known as “Annona muricata”. Popular in tropical areas across the Caribbean, its leaves are brewed to make a tea with a naturally calming effect.

This is our favorite tea, and we use it to help us relax all the time.

Bay leaf:
Sometimes called D’Inde Andis, the bay leaves give off a lovely aroma when brewed, that helps one nod off.

Modern Luxuries

Smart Technology

Mindful of the modern conveniences that play a role in your everyday lives, we at Secret Bay have equipped all accommodations with the technologies to make your stay in Dominica as carefree as possible. Speedy Wi-Fi and your own personal iPhone 6S smartphone await you upon arrival. The phone comes preloaded with all the contacts you might need as a guest, such as our concierge and security services, as well as a host of interesting and useful apps that will aid your understanding and exploration of the surrounding area. Care to know the weekend forecast? Just tap into the Weather Channel app. Also gracing each villa is a wireless Sonos Bluetooth Speaker so that your music can follow you from the bath to the balcony and everywhere in between. Additionally, all accommodations feature Apple TV with a Netflix account for renting movies at your leisure. With all of these modern luxuries in place, our hope is that you may be as connected (or disconnected) as you please.

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