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Bucket List Adventure

2 Once-in-a-Lifetime Guided Excursions into Wild Dominica

$492 USD for 2 people, plus taxes

Immerse yourself in the lesser-seen treasures of the Caribbean with a package that’s guaranteed to up the ante on your bucket list. Accompany Secret Bay’s veteran local guides on two once-in-a-lifetime Dominica excursions during your stay.

Rainforest Adventure With Dr. Birdy

Reunite with your long-lost childlike wonder while indulging your senses — taste the sugar cane pulled straight out of the ground, breathe in the aromas of wild coffee beans, and observe some of the most colorful endemic bird species in the world, including the rare Jaco Parrot. To walk in the rainforest with famed naturalist Dr. Birdy is to inherit the wisdom of the Nature Island and all that it has to offer.

Lionfish Catch & Cook

This private excursion begins off the shores of Secret Bay’s Tibay Beach, where you have the option to fish or watch our resident expert make the catch as you snorkel among Tibay’s turquoise waters. The excursion culminates in a delicious preparation and serving of your fresh catch, delighting in the flavors of all your hard work in the comfort of your own villa. The Lionfish, a newcomer to the island and a threat to indigenous fish populations, has delicate white meat and a mild taste, making it a delicious and sustainable supper. Select from our best Lionfish recipes like a fillet battered with Dominica’s finest Kubuli beer.

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