An Overview

About Secret Bay

Secret Bay is located on the northwest coast of the beautiful island of Dominica in the West Indies. The secluded villa complex is just a 10-minute drive to the quaint town of Portsmouth and about an hour’s drive to the capital Roseau. The beautiful expanse of Prince Rupert Bay – one of the longest, usually deserted, white-sand beaches on the island – is less than a 10-minute kayak ride away. Other nearby sites include: the well-preserved Fort Shirley and Cabrits National Park, magical Indian River and the Northern Forest Reserve.

Situated on a breathtaking clifftop, Secret Bay has access to two swimming beaches: Tibay Beach and the soft white-sand beach of Secret Beach (originally named Anse Quarre) – with its natural rock-formed arch, hidden sea-cliff cave and rich marine life. The property is bordered by the Cario River, which flows down from Morne Diablotin.

The fabulous properties were conceptualised by award-winning Latin American architect Fruto Vivas, to maximise the natural beauty of Secret Bay and to minimise the impact on this pristine environment. The eco-luxury villas and bungalows have been generously positioned across the site to ensure privacy and seclusion. All the properties offer glorious views over the Caribbean Sea and rainforest-covered mountains.

Four configurations are available:

A Focused Passion

Dominican-born Gregor Nassief fell in love with Secret Beach as a child and dreamed of one day owning and living on the land above it. Coming from a local family of hoteliers and businessmen, he always knew that this was the perfect spot on the island for developing a small-scale eco-tourism venture. The process of acquiring various pieces of land from different owners began almost fifteen years ago and culminated with the support of his Venezuelan-born wife Sandra Vivas’s father. The celebrated architect Fruto Vivas offered to help make his dream come true by designing the beautiful luxury villas and bungalows that we see today.

Secret Bay is a story of love: of a boy and a beach; of a man and a woman; and of a father and daughter.

Our Values

Secret Bay is an eco-luxury development shaped in equal measure by our responsibility to our environment and our community and our desire to offer you a fabulous holiday in harmony with nature. We believe in sustainable luxury – by offering exceptional comfort while looking after all that we love about Secret Bay.

We have developed this beautiful place implementing green and sustainable practices, from the sourcing of our materials, our building methods, water and energy efficiency, to our ongoing commitment to the protection of this precious land.

We believe in community and we want Secret Bay not only to support our community through employment and the development of small-scale tourism in the area; but also to play an active part in that community.

Please see below to read more about our values.

We built and developed Secret Bay with exacting standards in order to protect the fragile corals of our waters as well as the wide variety of flora and fauna that grow and live in this exceptional place.

We will continue to maintain and care for this unspoiled and beautiful site. Because of the rich marine life, we have applied for the area around Secret Beach to be made a “Marine Reserve”.

We have followed recommendations from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) – an internationally-recognised green building certification system – which promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability in the following five key areas of human and environmental health.

Ever-conscious of our water use, we have installed drip irrigation and we are setting up a system to re-use our wastewater.

All our toilets meet European water use standards.

The superstructures of the villas and bungalows at Secret Bay were built entirely with sustainably-sourced Guyanese hardwood (Greenheart).

Concrete and steel were used for the sub-structure for enhanced structural integrity and all properties meet hurricane and earthquake building requirements.

Much of the bedroom furniture was hand-crafted from locally-sourced Red Cedar.

  • No heavy equipment was used in the construction of any of the villas and bungalows at Secret Bay – we built everything meticulously by hand.
  • We chose the locations for our buildings very carefully so that they would integrate with the existing environment. We therefore only cut down a minimal number of small trees where they directly impeded a structure.
  • We are in the process of planting over 1,500 plants and flowers and over 50 trees (including all the variety of fruit trees in Dominica) across the Secret Bay site. We have also started a plant nursery in a small greenhouse and planted Vetiver around the perimeter of the property to keep the cliff strong for future generations.
  • We use the wonderful wild herbs and bushes that grow across the Secret Bay property in our cooking and to prepare some lovely herbal teas and we are also planning to create an organic kitchen garden. We recycle and compost all the waste from the development on an ongoing basis.
  • In order to maintain this special site in the pristine condition in which we found it, we instigated several Environmental Impact Assessments (including Geotechnical, Terrestrial and Marine) and we have implemented many of their recommendations.
  • We have also taken great care to establish an effective drainage system on the property.
  • We have maximised natural light and ventilation through the careful and considered design of all the properties.
  • We have also only used low energy lighting and appliances in all our structures and across the site (A+ or A++ rated).
  • We are currently evaluating the feasibility of powering Secret Bay through solar energy by 2015.
  • We deliberately created our bungalows and villas to make the most of their natural surroundings with bi-folding doors and fully operative windows throughout giving you full control of your space.
  • We primarily used penetrating oils instead of sealants to treat and preserve the wood and we continue to use non-chemical methods of pest-control wherever possible.

At Secret Bay we aim to build cultural awareness through the development of a community of residents, businesses and locals and to provide positive experiences for both guests and hosts for many years to come. This is why our first option is always to employ people from our neighbouring communities; buy local produce; support local business and encourage genuine and mutually-beneficial interaction between our guests and owners and the surrounding neighbourhood.

As part of Secret Bay’s commitment to the social and professional development of the local community, we have set up a “Community Development Fund” for the nearby village of Tibay. This has already financed water access to the community and is currently helping to build a bus shelter for the children which will be completed by the end of 2012. We contribute a percentage of our rental income to the fund, which is jointly-administered by Secret Bay and the people of Tibay Village for the improvement of their community.

The Secret Bay Difference


We often hear guest of Secret Bay saying

“I doubt there are many locations left in the world like this”

So, what is it that makes Secret Bay so special?

Having opened our doors five years ago, we have received countless positive reviews in the biggest travel publications on earth, numerous accolades and been awarded Four Tripadvisor Traveller’s Choice Awards, for Small Hotels, Luxury, Service, Romance.

Why? Because we believe it is all about putting our guests first, which is why we have given them the first say….. (and the photos are theirs too!)

“Secret Bay was constructed to suggest a paradisiacal oasis nestled among the brush and wildlife of an untouched but far from forgotten Caribbean sanctuary. Picture that description in your mind’s eye, then book a trip and prepare to be blown away. Secret Bay exceeds expectations in every way.”

“The villa itself was unbelievable, just gorgeous. A really gorgeous open design and the appliances are all high end, top of the line. It makes you really appreciate all of the time they took to build the place and made me wish my kitchen at home was a little nicer.”

” It is every bit as gorgeous in person as it is on the website photos and exceeded our expectations. We arrived at night and marveled at the beautiful  villa, but when we woke up at sunrise and saw the view…WOW! My hands-down favorite part of the villa was the open-air shower. The hot water combined with the cool ocean breeze was sensational. Also, the bed was the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. It is very peaceful and quiet there and most of the time we were alone at Secret Beach. Amazing.”

“What sets Secret Bay apart from most Resorts is not only the true peace, tranquility,and privacy of the resort but the service and people of Secret Bay. They will go to lengths that are truly uncommon and remarkable to make sure your every need and want is met so you can enjoy your vacation fully.”

“Secret Bay can provide you with almost everything, so pack lightly”

“How can a resort so in tune with nature feel so utterly extravagant you may ask? Its easy. The staff at Secret Bay are warm, friendly and attuned to your every need.”
“You can specify with your villa attendant what you want to eat, or you can tell them to surprise you. We asked to be surprised for most meals, and were ALWAYS amazed and impressed with the deliciousness of what was selected.”

I have traveled extensively and have rarely found a staff and group of people that were so kind and accommodating.

“There is no more intimate and romantic place than Secret Bay”

“Fill your soul viewing a sunset you’re sure has colors never before seen to man! Retire to your bedroom where you melt into a deliciously comfortable bed and look up at the masterful architecture of the rich, dark, seductive wood beams. Saunter over to the double shower, with nozzles for every body part, open the sliding door and reach outside to see the glistening mountains and Tibay beach! Or bathe in the free-standing tub and gaze out the floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors to view even more sapphire ocean and the occasional owl in the trees! Fill your expansive closet with the clothes you’ve now decided you’ll rarely wear! Throw on your comfy cotton Secret Bay embroidered robe, walk down the stairs, jump in your very own gleaming infinity pool, and stare at the ocean while hummingbirds flit flower to flower right in front of you! Sun yourself on the deck next to the one you love and sigh, “This place is a dream!”

“I will end it with this: after being married for 13 years and having three young children our lives are great but became very routine. Those routines can easily become ruts. Being stuck in them can become boring and dangerous. Those ruts can unfortunately cause you to forget why you fell in love or how special that other person in your life still is. Secret Bay has this magical way of not only removing you from that rut but like a time machine it finds a way to bring you back to that time before children, before huge responsibilities, back to the time when you first fell in love.”

“Secret Bay is so unique – you can feel completely secluded, yet anything you needed is just a phone call away. The level of service is beyond compare. We often felt like we were the only guests, and the layout of Secret Bay allows for this. The beautifully constructed bungalows and villas are sited so well, nestled into the ridge, each one is barely visible from the other. The walkways, paths and decks are designed with respect for the existing terrain, and the native plantings and sounds of wildlife are a treat for the senses.”

“Your typical commercial resort is buzzing with energy and things to do, however banal. Secret Bay, on the other hand, feels almost like a dream. At all times you’re surrounded by the sounds of the ocean, birds singing, wind rustled trees and nothing else, while in complete privacy.”

Complimentary Services

We provide a high-quality yet inconspicuous level of service fuelled by our passion of Secret Bay and our desire to make your stay with us exceptional. The villas and bungalows are fully-equipped with modern facilities – and our friendly full-time staff are always discreetly on hand to accommodate your every need.

Dedicated full-time staff including:

  • Housekeeping.
  • Laundry service.
  • 24-hour security.
  • Concierge service (help with scheduling your reservation; setting up day excursions or planning activities; organising massages or yoga classes; booking a private one-man jazz concert; making restaurant reservations; organising sitting services for your children over the age of 7).


  • Welcome dinner and airport transfers for stays of 5 nights or more.
  • High-speed Wi-Fi Internet access.
  • A Kindle for your exclusive use with daily international newspapers.
  • Small library of books.
  • Bose Bluetooth speakers.
  • Home Audiovisual system with a selection of DVDs
  • Selection of board games.
  • Adventure equipment (including: mountain bikes; kayaks; stand-up paddle board; yoga mats and snorkelling and swimming gear).
  • Safe for your personal belongings.


  • “Waitukubuli Wanderer” all-terrain air-conditioned 4-door 4-wheel drive vehicle with knowledgeable driver for day excursions.
  • Hire car for the duration of your stay.
  • Personal Chef service.
  • Pre-stocking of your favourite foods (where available) as well as a delicious and wide selection of locally grown produce.
  • A selection of Organic Food Baskets.
  • Private evening one-man jazz concert on your terrace (villas only).

About Dominica


History has it that when Christopher Columbus – having been unable to land on Dominica – was asked to describe the island upon his return to Spain, he scrunched up a piece of parchment in order to evoke the country’s undulating terrain of volcanoes, valleys and mountains. This certainly goes some way to explaining why despite being one of the largest islands in the Caribbean (754 sq. km) it remains one of the least populated (72,660). Indeed, although twice the size of Barbados it only has one fifth of its population.

Dominica is known as the “Nature Island” for its abundance of natural splendours: 365 rivers, the second largest boiling lake in the world, volcanoes, mountains (known as Mornes), waterfalls, hot springs, and black and white sand beaches. Much of the island is protected under national parks, one of which has been given UNESCO World Heritage status. With abundant flora and fauna on land as well as underwater, Dominica is a paradise for divers, hikers, birdwatchers and nature-lovers who seek excitement and inspiration. Indeed, many species that are extinct on neighbouring islands can still be found here.

A land of great beauty and contrasts, Dominica has so many stories to tell – come and discover the best-kept secret of the Caribbean.


The most northerly of the Windward Islands, the climate in Dominica is tropical with constant temperatures all year round (averaging 21°C – 28°C in winter and 23°C – 30°C in summer). With rain and sunshine alternating throughout the day – showers are often short and sharp – rainbows arching between the mountains are a common and magnificent sight. The rainiest months are July to November and rainfall, as one would expect, is much more frequent and heavier in the mountains than on the Caribbean coast.


Dominica was originally inhabited by the Kalinago people who called it “Wai’tu kubuli” meaning “Tall is her body” but was renamed by Christopher Columbus in 1493 who first spotted the island on a Sunday (Dominica in Latin). The French and British battled over it during the 17th and 18th Centuries – initially fairly half-heartedly – until it was handed to the British under the 1783 Treaty of Versailles. Despite a short period in the 19th Century when legislature in Dominica was under black control – it was not until after the First World War that the non-white population began to have a real voice in the running of the country. Dominica was governed by the British under the Windward Administration (and then, briefly – the West Indies Federation) until it took responsibility for its internal affairs in 1967 and eventually gained independence in 1978.

Dominica’s economy has traditionally been dominated by agriculture, in particular bananas, but in recent years there has been some attempt to diversify into other sectors such as offshore services and most notably eco-tourism.


The Dominican population is mostly of African descent, with some Europeans, Syrians, Lebanese and Indians and about 3,000 Kalinago Amerindians who live in the Kalinago Territory on the East Coast. Dominica is one of the few islands in the Caribbean to have retained some of its pre-Colombian population. Dominica also has one of the highest number of centenarians (22 at last count – three times the average of developed countries). English is the official language but many people also speak a French-based Creole dialect.
Music is a very important part of Dominican culture – genres include Creole Music, “Jing-ping” and “Cadence”. Music and Dance festivals take place throughout the year culminating in the annual “Jump-Up” of Carnival in February or March and the increasingly-renowned World Creole Music Festival that coincides with Dominica’s Independence celebrations at the end of October. Food and cooking also play a major part in Dominican life and the bustling Saturday markets in the capital Roseau and second-largest town Portsmouth are both especially worth a visit.

Getting Here


There are no long-haul direct flights to Dominica. We are off the beaten track – and that’s part of our charm. Come find out – it’s worth it. See below for best connections to Dominica. Need help finding flights and the best route? Just ask us; we’ll be happy to assist.

The island has two airports:
Douglas Charles Airport (DOM): the main airport in the northeast near Marigot.

Canefield Airport (DCF): a small commuter airport near Roseau in the southwest.

Book directly to Dominica (DOM) on American Airlines, Delta and JetBlue. This requires an in-transit connection in San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU) on to Seaborne.

Fly other major US airlines (US Airways, United etc.) to San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU), Barbados (BGI), Antigua (ANU) or St Maarten/St Martin (SXM), then connect via Seaborne, LIAT or WinAir on to Dominica (DOM).

Fly Norwegian from Boston (BOS), Baltimore/Washington D.C. (BWI) or New York City (JFK) to Guadeloupe (PTP) or Martinique (FDF) then connect via L’Express des Iles ferry on to Dominica (DOM).

From Guadeloupe (PTP) you can also connect on LIAT or Air Antilles to Dominica (DOM).


Fly Virgin Atlantic or British Airways to Antigua (ANU) or Barbados (BGI) then connect via LIAT on to Dominica (DOM).


Book directly to Dominica (DOM) on Air France. This requires an in-transit connection in St Maarten/St. Martin (SXM) on to WinAir or LIAT.

Fly Air France or Air Caraibes to Guadeloupe (PTP) or Martinique (FDF), then connect via L’Express des Iles ferry on to Dominica (DOM).


Book directly from Amsterdam (AMS) to Dominica (DOM) on KLM. This requires an in-transit connection in St. Maarten/St. Martin (SXM) via WinAir or LIAT.

FROM GERMANYFly Condor from Frankfurt (FRA) to Antigua (ANU) or Barbados (BGI), then connect via LIAT on to Dominica (DOM).

Book directly from Frankfurt (FRA) or Munich (MUC) to Dominica (DOM) on Air France. This requires an in-transit connection in St Maarten/St Martin (SXM) via WinAir or LIAT.

Fly WestJet or Air Canada to St Maarten/St Martin (SXM), then connect via WinAir or LIAT on to Dominica.

Fly WestJet or Air Canada to Antigua (ANU), Barbados (BGI, then connect via LIAT, on to Dominica.

Fly Air Canada to Guadeloupe (PTP) or Martinique (FDF) then connect via L’Express des Iles ferry on to Dominica (DOM).

From Guadeloupe (PTP) you can also connect on LIAT or Air Antilles to Dominica (DOM).

From Guadeloupe (PTP) or Martinique (FDF) via L’Express des Iles to Dominica (DOM).

From Barbados(BGI) or Antigua (ANU) via LIAT to Dominica (DOM).

From St Maarten/St Martin(SXM) via WinAir. to Dominica (DOM).

From Puerto Rico via Seaborne, LIAT or WinAir to Dominica (DOM).

Resort Map


Milestones Rewards Programme

When it comes to those landmark moments in life – our weddings, honeymoons, fortieth birthdays, golden wedding anniversaries – one of the hardest decisions is choosing where to celebrate. Secret Bay’s new loyalty programme is our way of saying thank you to our guests for showing us such trust and choosing us over the last three years. We hope the many special offers it includes for anyone who comes back for a second time (or more) means that when you plan your next milestone, it might be a return to Secret Bay.



FlightNetwork100GreatestHotelsSecretBayFlight Network is comprised of a highly-regarded team of travel experts and judges who search far and wide to discover the world’s most prodigious hotels and resorts to accommodate the diverse preferences of every traveler. Secret Bay made Flight Network’s esteemed list of “The World’s 100 Greatest Hotels” as #2 in the “Boutique Hotel” category, one of the most coveted in the industry.


Secret Bay received two Tripadvisor 2017 Travelers’ Choice Awards. These awards are the highest honor Tripadvisor gives and Secret Bay has been named to this list for four consecutive years. Based upon reviews and opinions from nearly 500 travelers since opening our doors just five years ago, we have been voted into the top 1 percent of hotels worldwide with the following distinctions:

  • Top 25 Small Hotels – Caribbean
  • Top 25 Hotels for Romance – Caribbean

boutique hotel awardsSecret Bay has been awarded the distinction of World’s Best Boutique Hotel 2016 by the Boutique Hotel Awards. The Boutique Hotel Awards is the only organisation exclusively dedicated to recognising unique excellence among boutique hotels. Nominations come from across the globe for categories like World’s Best City Hotel and World’s Best Culinary Hotel. Secret Bay received the highest distinction of World’s Best Boutique Hotel 2016.


Secret Bay has been awarded the distinction of Best Honeymoon Hideaway in the Americas for the year 2016 by the Boutique Hotel Awards. Nominations come from all over the Americas for this distinction and, as a hotel that offers designated honeymoon villas, honeymoon packages and unique couples experiences, we are honored and excited to be recognized as the premier honeymoon destination.


Secret Bay was voted number three in Caribbean Journal’s Best Boutique Hotel in the Caribbean: Readers’ Choice Awards 2016. Thousands of readers cast their vote out of Caribbean Journal’s 50 favorite small hotels.


Secret Bay has been named amongst the best Caribbean Island hotels by Conde Nast Traveler‘s Readers’ Choice Awards. The Readers’ Choice Awards are the longest-running and most prestigious recognition of excellence in the travel industry and are commonly known as “the best of the best of travel.”


We are excited to announce that Secret Bay has shortlisted for the Hotel Suite Award in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2016. Secret Bay’s luxury tree-houses “integrate the natural landscape to the extent that trees were allowed to grow through balconies and decks.”


We are pleased to announce that Secret Bay has been nominated and first runner up for the Hotel Suite – Americas and Caribbean in The International Hotel and Property Awards 2016.

Our eco-luxury resort provides an escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. Here you will find yourself immersed in nature while staying in luxury treetop villas with the highest personlised service and breath taking views. Creating a “home-away-from-home experience.”

“Spread out over four acres of undulating land on rugged cliffs with spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea, the brief given to renowned Venezuelan architect Fruto Vivas was to create four individual villas set into an enhanced natural landscape, offering individual privacy to each one.”


July 2016

Secret Bay was rated number 11 on Travel + Leisure’s Best Resorts to travel to in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and Bahamas.

“Whether you’re an adventurer looking to scuba dive and snorkel, a sybarite looking to just lie on the beach with a rum punch, or a parent looking for a family-friendly escape, there’s somewhere on this list for everyone who wants to experience the Caribbean.”

tripadvisor 2016 travellers choice secret bay

February 12th 2016

For the second year running we’ve been selected in the top 25 romantic hotels in the Caribbean.

We particularly liked the succinct review that TripAdvisor chose to promote our listing, quoting a former guest who simply wrote of their stay here in our Caribbean villas:

Perfection…look no further!

Carib Journal Logo

February 4th 2016

We were number #1 on Carib Journal’s Cool list of hotels across the whole of the Caribbean for 2016. The Journal was looking for “places that ooze character, personality and, well, cool” and it chose to feature us first, using an image from Secret Bay to illustrate the entire list.

tripadvisor 2016 travellers choice secret bay

January 27 2016

We’ve been voted the Third Best Small Hotel in the Caribbean by users of TripAdvisor for 2016. The website highlighted users’ comments that we were Welcoming, Relaxing, & Breathtakingand Naturally Dazzling, Incredible Service, Lovely Honeymoon.

Carib Journal Logo

November 30 2015

The Caribbean Journal has declared us the  Best Small Hotel in the Caribbean.  “With an emphasis on some of the region’s most modern hotel design, mixed with authentic, kind service, Secret Bay has become one of the region’s sought-after hideaways, a place equally adventurous and relaxing.”

Carib Journal Logo

1st January 2016

The Carib Journal kicked off 2016 with a feature on “our favorite destinations in the Caribbean for 2016.” The article looked at a selection of “well-known destinations and up-and-coming getaways, hip hideaways and must-visit hotels.” And it described Secret Bay as “one of the Caribbean’s pre-eminent hotels”, adding that we were “not really like any other in the Caribbean.”


October 15 2015

We’ve been declared Best Green Hotel 2016 in the Caribbean & Pacific by Condé Nast Johansens, who said we are “a honeymoon favourite, adventure playground and luxury getaway with a difference. Secret Bay is sustainable through-and-through, designed to minimise any impact on the unspoilt surrounding environment.”

vacation idea logo

April 15 2015

Vacation Idea selected us as one of its 25 secluded, romantic getaways around the world.  They loved our clifftop rooms, which they said “give you a birds eye view of this incredible destination.”

Travel+Leisure Cover May logoMay 04 2012

Secret Bay is the first hotel ever in Dominica to have been named on the prestigious Travel + Leisure It List.  Out of the 3,000 new hotels worldwide that opened in 2011 the reputed list recognises just 50 of the most inspiring new properties “that stand out because of their destination changing power” and Secret Bay is one of only three that were chosen from the Caribbean.  In the very opening paragraph of the Travel + Leisure It List 2012 report online Secret Bay is described as “a stylish newcomer on the Caribbean island of Dominica” with particular reference to the “above-and-beyond service”.   #12 on the list, the feature goes on to say that Secret Bay “gives Dominica an infusion of luxury and style” and describing the accommodations it says “Cantilevered like tree houses, the four villas are smartly designed, and spacious kitchens are stocked with everything from house-made yogurt to watermelon sorbet.”


July 06 2015

Secret Bay was one of three finalists from around the world in Jetsetter’s annual Best of the Best awards. Along with Anantara Al Yamm Villas in the United Arab Emirates and Soneva Kiri in Thailand we were chosen as the Best Far Flung Escapes. To create it’s 2015 Best of the Best List, Jetsetter engaged over 200 travel correspondents globally, then compiled their suggestions along with the Jetsetter team’s.


April 27 2015

Secret Bay has been selected as one of the Hottest Honeymoon Destinations in the World in wedding planning magazine’s The Knot’s annual list. Featuring the Dominica luxury ecolodge in its selection of the 50 best places for a honeymoon, the magazine praised Secret Bay, with its six clifftop private villas, saying it is ‘as dreamy as it sounds’.

Secret Bay and Dominica were chosen as one of the top 10 places to go for an Adventurous Honeymoon. The Knot recommended hiking the Waitakbuli Trail, exploring the rainforest that covers a third of the island, and then relaxing in one of the many natural hot pools found all over Dominica.



February 01 2015

We won Tripadvisor Traveller’s choice awards in four categories – Luxury, Small Hotels, Best Service and Romance, coming in the top 10 in the Caribbean for each category. We were ranked #2 in the Top 25 Luxury Hotels in the Caribbean#4 in the Top 25 Small Hotels in the Caribbean#7 in the Top 25 Hotels for Service in the Caribbean; and #9 in the Top 25 Hotels for Romance in the Caribbean.

As these awards are only won by the hotels with the most positive reviews from travellers, we take them very seriously.

Grand Award logo2

January 21 2015

Secret Bay was one of just  two hotels in the Caribbean to be given a Grand Award for 2015 by elite travel reviewer Andrew Harper. The awards said Secret Bay is ‘the first truly upscale property’ in Dominica, that the ‘architecture is breathtaking’, and that our ‘food was delicious, among the best we have had in the Caribbean’.  Awarding us a total of 92 points out of 100, Harper said they particularly liked ‘the sense of being in a world of your own’.



December 17 2014

We were the only hotel in the Caribbean to be selected as among the 10 best hotels in the world award, in the 2014 Smith Awards from boutique hotel guide Mr & Mrs Smith. More than 20,000 members of the hotel-loving public voted for their favourite stays throughout September, after which shortlists were put to a panel of three specialist judges in each category. They called us ‘an unspoilt island secret that’s almost too good to share”.


Carib Journal Logo
December 11 2014

In their latest pick of the top 10 sexiest hotels in the Caribbean, Carib Journal featured us second.  They described us as “One of the sleekest places in the region”, describing the experience we offer as ‘all about privacy and finding oneness with the natural environment’.


Carib Journal Logo

November 09 2014

We were featured first in Carib Journal’s latest pick of the top 25 honeymoon hotels in the Caribbean. They said we were “Luxurious, romantic and enchanting, it’s simply the perfect place for a honeymoon escape”.

Trip_Advisor_TC_2014_AwardMay 19 2014

Tripadvisor’s users have voted  us 5th best hotel in the Caribbean for Exceptional Service in theTripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice Awards. With 203 of our 214 reviews giving us top marks we are confident we are doing something right, but to have the people who know us best vote this award for us is a very special feeling.


March 26 2014

Caribbean Journal Selected Secret Bay as on of the Top 25 Boutique Hotels in the Caribbean.  “When it debuted in 2011, this property on a stunning cliffside near Portsmouth redefined what a small Caribbean hotel could be. Sustainable, modern and breathtakingly well designed, Secret Bay is a boutique hotel, a set of villas and a resort all in one.” – Caribbean Journal, March 26, 2014.

Robb-Report-Cover-145x195January 14 2014

Luxury Travel Experts Announce 14 Must-See Destinations for 2014.  The Robb Report Luxury Newswire is a curated feed of news releases about the latest luxury products and services.  Element Lifestyle, a luxury concierge firm based in Hollywood, California, identified Dominica and Secret Bay as one of 2014’s essential travel destinations spanning the globe.

CNN_7_Secret_Island_200x222January 06 2014

CNN & Departures Magazine selected Secret Bay and Dominica as one of the world’s 7 Secret Island Getaways where one can “lose the crowds” and “leave only footprints in the sand”.  The articles describes Dominica as a “jungle-covered island much of which is a protected nature preserve and which attracts mostly in-the-know ecotravelers”.   Secret Bay is “Set on a clifftop on the island’s northwestern coast between two equally dazzling swimming beaches. (One has a hidden cave.) Guests stay in one of five tree house-style villas and bungalows, all built of Guyanese wood with floor-to-ceiling windows and outdoor showers. Activities include guided nature hikes, kayak expeditions and yoga in an open-air pavilion.”

Trip_Advisor_TC_2014_AwardJanuary 01 2014

Secret Bay is the #3 Small Hotel in the Caribbean According to Trip Advisor’s Traveler’s Choice 2014 awards.    As one guest put it, “Secret Bay offers a great combination of the warmth of a country inn, the facilities of a hotel and the freedom of a private villa–in a great seaside and forest location, to boot!

Trip_Advisor_TC_2014_AwardJanuary 01 2014

Secret Bay is the #2 Hotel for Romance in the Caribbean According to Trip Advisor’s Traveler’s Choice 2012 awards.   As one review says, “My husband and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary at Secret Bay, and it was absolute perfection in every conceivable way.  If you are looking for a TRULY relaxing vacation, a flawlessly operated, maintained, and designed hideaway that caters to your every wish, the freshest, most mouth-watering food, and unparalleled, unspoiled beauty, with just the perfect amount of invigorating, rejuvenating adventure mixed in, then Secret Bay is waiting for you!”

Global Travel Mag

December 01 2013

Secret Bay has brought the island of Dominica its first ever cover of Travel + Leisure Magazine this November, with the full page cover photo featuring the view from our Zabuco Villa alongside the headline “Secret Caribbean”.  Inside, the magazine’s Editor-at-large Peter Jon Lindberg dedicated the 10-page lead feature to his visit to Secret Bay, declaring: “Dominica finally has a world-class resort to match its stunning natural assets.” Lindberg visited Secret Bay with his wife recently, staying in the iconic Zabuco Honeymoon villa. He loved the design of the original luxury villa, writing of the vast platform over the cliff upon which it is built: “The floating effect is magical.”


November 13 2013

Boutique hotel collection Mr and Mrs Smith celebrated their 10th anniversary with a party in London’s hip Shoreditch area, where they announced the winners of their inaugural awards in which 900 hotels competed for some 47,000 votes.  Secret Bay’s Zabuco Honeymoon villa was voted the third sexiest bedroom in the world, with first and second place going to luxurious urban hotel suites in London and Venice.  Secret Bay was very honoured to be in such company, especially as it also means Mr and Mrs Smith rated Zabuco not only the sexiest bedroom by the beach in the world, but also sexier than any other bedroom in all the Americas.  ‘Less is more in this case: the private setting, stripped down furnishings, in-suite culinary services and serene energy makes Secret Bay the perfect romantic getaway…’


October 20 2013

Secret Bay is the #1 Luxury Resort in the Carribean according to the Editors of Islands November 2013 issue.  The article states “Options abound here at Secret Bay — from fish steamed in coconut milk with root vegetables and a summer salad for dinner to made-just-for-me dessert to homemade gelato in the freezer. Hard to believe I’m in a treehouse. Before leaving to concoct my feast, my attendant Maggie goes over tomorrow’s itinerary: a private beach yoga session, a massage, then a boat tour of the Pirates of the Caribbean shooting locale.”


January 15 2013

Secret Bay Top’s Caribbean Journal’s Cool List – the Caribbean’s 10 Coolest Hotels for 2013.  “Many boutique properties offer the promise of removal, of a break from reality. Secret Bay delivers.”

Bazaar Logo

January 05 2013

Secret Bay is selected as one of the 10 best in the world in the Resorts category in Haper’s Bazaar Travel Hot 100 List 2013.  “With its two private bungalows, two villas and discreet service 24/7… Secret Bay is built into the top of a cliff with spectacular views. A hideaway stocked with Kindles, sound systems and personal chefs…… “

Travelers' Choice logoJanuary 01 2013

Secret Bay is the #1 Small Hotel in the Caribbean According to Trip Advisor’s Traveler’s Choice 2013 awards.  Secret Bay was also ranked #3 in Service for all Hotels in The Caribbean.   As one guest put it, Secret Bay is “The perfect spot to relax, unwind and spend a special vacation with someone you love! Every attention has been given to aesthetics, comfort and modern conveniences. They make you feel special and pampered.”


December 03 2012

Secret Bay selected by The Knot as one of the Top 50 Honeymoon Destinations in the world and one of the Top 10 Adventure Honeymoon Destinations in the world in 2012.  “The 180-degree views over mountain peaks and the sea from the Zabuco Honeymoon Villa at eco-luxe resort Secret Bay will make you feel like you’re floating.”

Resort FAQ

Check-in is at 3pm and checkout is at 11am. We will do our best to accommodate early arrivals and late departures.

All villas and bungalows have Wi-Fi access and cell-phone coverage. Cell-phone coverage across Dominica is good but we hope you might be dissuaded from taking your phone to the beach!

Yes, the water is safe to drink and meets World Health Organisation Standards. It comes straight from the Picard River which flows down from Morne Diablotins and this delicious water supplies the entire city of Portsmouth as well as Ross University. However, for those of you who are sensitive to water when traveling, we suggest bottled water.

Secret Bay is perched on top of a cliff and benefits from cooling sea breezes so we are not too troubled by mosquitoes. There is a short spell at sunset when some sand flies make a brief appearance as a gentle reminder that you are surrounded by nature in all its glory – but repellent keeps them at bay and they don’t stick around for long. All the properties are fitted with anti-mosquito screens.

If you are planning on hiking in the rainforest it would be a good idea to bring repellent and to wear long trousers.

There is no dress code at Secret Bay – in your private and secluded villa or bungalow, we want you to feel at home. The weather is warm all year round with a slight breeze at night. Dominicans generally dress casually and informally but do enjoy dressing up for special occasions. Comfortable summer clothes are suitable with a light sweater for the evening. If you are planning on hiking you will need proper hiking shoes and long trousers. And don’t forget your swimsuits and sunscreen!

Relax and soak up a star-filled sky from your villa pool. Listen to the enchanting noises of the forest at night from your comfortable bungalow nestled in the trees. Enjoy an al fresco dinner prepared by your Personal Cook. We have also equipped the villas and bungalows with books, games, DVDs, cable television, Wi-Fi and an IPod docking station.

We can also organise an evening of entertainment on your villa terrace: be serenaded by a fantastic one-man jazz band. (Currently only available in the villas).

If you’re in the mood for exploring, head to a Dominican rum shop to soak up some local culture or go check out the fun music scene in one of the quaint bars in Roseau. Be warned though – bars in Dominica do close early and the homemade rum punch is pretty potent.

Yes – there are some great restaurants in Portsmouth (about 10 minutes drive away) which serve superb fresh local fare; a wonderful selection of seafood, homemade fruit juices and the Caribbean masterpiece “Callaloo Soup”. Our concierge can help you find a restaurant which suits your taste and make a reservation.

In order to play our part in the protection of our environment, we change linens and towels once every three days. However if you would like clean linens or towels more frequently than this, please let us know and we would be happy to accommodate you.

Housekeeping is done once a day in the late morning. However we would be happy to accommodate your schedule if these timings are not convenient. Housekeeping will also be happy to take care of your laundry. We recommend a dry-cleaning service in Roseau and we can help you with this if needed.

Although a gratuity is included in our prices – you are welcome to reward staff separately for exceptional service if you wish.

Voltage is 220V. Transformers are available for 120V appliances. A hairdryer is provided in all bedrooms.

Medical facilities are close at hand: it is a ten-minute drive to the pharmacy and a fifteen-minute drive to Portsmouth Hospital. Secret Bay also has a doctor on call 24 x 7.

WEBSITE (FAQ): Yes – children over the age of 7 are very welcome to stay in our two-bedroom villas. Due to the open-plan layout of the villas and the location of the site (on a steep cliff-top), we will only accommodate young children if you rent out the whole resort (accommodation for up to 19 people). Children must be supervised at all times. For all other villas children must be 16 years and above.
If you are purchasing a property at Secret Bay we do allow children under the age of 7 in some of the two-bedroom villas. Please contact us for more information.

Secret Bay has been developed with an ethos of health and well-being. As such we do not allow smoking in the villas or bungalows or at the Souce Shack. You are of course welcome to smoke in some of the many outdoor relaxation areas but we do ask that you remain considerate of your fellow guests in these public spaces.

Yes you can. Dominica has two runways: Melville Hall in the northeast and Canefield in the southwest of the island. Douglas Charles (TDPD/DOM) has a 5761 ft. runway 09/27 and is open to the sea. There are ongoing upgrades to the airport, which offers Night VFR landing and will soon have approved GPS instrument approach.

Canefield Airport, which is closer to the capital Roseau, has a 3,100 ft. runway along the Caribbean Sea coastline (01/19) – VFR only. Both airports are approximately one hour’s drive from Secret Bay.