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Secret Beach

An Overview

A blend of passion, responsibility to our environment and our community

About Secret Bay

Spectacularly sited on a clifftop promontory where the rainforest meets the sea on Dominica, the “Nature Island” of the Caribbean, Secret Bay is among the leading boutique resorts in the world and an acclaimed Relais & Châteaux property. The secluded six-star, all-villa resort consists of elegantly appointed, residential-style villas, each with a private plunge pool and dedicated villa host, on-call concierge, chefs and guides, access to a secret beach and transformative experiences curated specifically for each guest.

Conceptualised by celebrated architect Fruto Vivas, Secret Bay’s award-winning villas are world-renowned for their artful fusion of high design and local craftsmanship, forming open-air luxury residences amid nature’s lush embrace. As a Green Globe certified resort composed entirely of sustainably-sourced materials, Secret Bay exists in a beautiful equilibrium of responsibility to its environment and commitment to guest comfort.

Secret Bay’s luxurious resort amenities complete the most unrivaled island escape. Begin your day with a rejuvenating yoga class at the riverside Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion, grab a paddleboard from the Zamann Watersports Hut for a day of fun on the water, find peace at the treetop Gommier Spa, delight in hyperlocal cuisine at our open-air Zing Zing restaurant and cap your evening with cocktails on the cliff edge Vetiver Sunset Deck overlooking Secret Beach. This is, truly, paradise found.

Both within and beyond resort grounds await a host of perspective-shifting, life-altering experiences. Whether you choose to journey “within” alongside our seasoned healers, explore the living, breathing rainforest or rappel into the depths of the island on a waterfall canyoning adventure, guests are guaranteed to leave Dominica forever changed.


Our Story

Since boyhood, Secret Bay owner Gregor Nassief had a lofty dream – to create a home away from home amongst the wild forested cliffs of Dominica while preserving the natural environment. While celebrating the nuptials of Gregor and wife Sandra, Sandra’s father and award-winning Latin American architect, Fruto Vivas granted the couple a special gift—a proposed drawing of their personal residence at Secret Bay.

Thus, the resort was founded upon a story of love, both for each other and for the land which they shared a deep commitment to preserve. With Fruto, Sandra and Gregor’s combined visions, the villas that comprise the living, breathing eco-luxury resort at Secret Bay came to life.

Our connection with this land is strong and we find the greatest joy in protecting it and sharing it with our guests. Gregor Nassief, Proprietor

The Secret Bay Difference

Evolving beyond shared common spaces and one-size, all-inclusive molds, Secret Bay offers luxury residential-style villas that serve as your home away from home. One where space and seclusion provide the ultimate in comfort and discreet six-star service provide a peerless island escape. Here, both within our gated confines and beyond resort grounds, guests indulge in an entirely distinct high-touch experience marked by an inherent aura of romance, well-appointed accommodations and amenities, and, of course, our extensively personal and tailored services.

Secret Bay’s villas feature between 1,000 and 3,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor living space and lot sizes ranging from 5,000 to 8,500 square feet, inclusive of plunge pools, gourmet kitchens, free-standing tubs and pillow hammocks. Composed entirely of sustainably-sourced Guyanese hardwood and Red Cedar, the villas offer the most luxurious experience in harmony with nature, as Secret Bay exists in a beautiful equilibrium between natural environment and guest comfort.

Each villa is equipped with a personal iPhone, Sonos Bluetooth Speaker, and Apple TV with a provided Netflix account. Guests can stay as connected as they please, or perhaps disconnect from the outside world on the Gommier Meditation Deck, nestled in the trees along a pathway down to Tibay Beach. It’s no secret that Secret Bay is the #1 resort in Dominica for its commendable balance between sustainability and utmost luxury.

We believe the most life-enriching places on the planet are set off the beaten track, where immersion in nature results in soul-nourishing reconnection with oneself and one another. For that reason, we’ve long provided a serene sanctuary where spaciousness, seclusion and discreet service offer the most intimate escape.

Thoughtfully designed as private, freestanding sanctuaries — diverging from the ordinary hotel room — Secret Bay’s villas are meant to be enjoyed far more than just a place to sleep. Here, guests can dip in their private plunge pool, lounge beneath the warm Dominica sun on the open-air deck — bathing suit or not — and indulge in a customised breakfast prepared by their very own dedicated staff in the villa’s state-of-the-art kitchen.

Very few common areas on the property complement our six freestanding spread across acres of rainforest — less than 7% of which is marked for development — making Secret Bay one of the most tranquil, remote boutique hotels in the world.

Service at Secret Bay is extensively personal and tailored to the desires, lifestyle and preferences of each and every individual. With no front desk and a dedicated villa host who curates a customised itinerary for each guest — including everything from life-altering adventures to transformative culinary and wellness experiences — Secret Bay offers the bespoke, under-the-radar escape that modern-day travelers have only dreamt of.

“What sets Secret Bay apart from most resorts is not only the true peace, tranquility, and privacy of the resort but also the service and people of Secret Bay. They will go to lengths that are truly uncommon and remarkable to make sure your every need and want is met so you can enjoy your vacation fully.”


Executive Chef Grant Lynott’s innovative “no-menu” concept at Zing Zing restaurant allows for more experiential dining as he draws on his own creativity to reimagine the seasonal, local ingredients that he finds available that day. As such, each dish becomes a story, allowing Chef Grant to develop a more intimate connection with both his guests and the ingredients he and his team so prudently gather each morning.

Chef Grant sources seafood — including Lionfish, an invasive species that Secret Bay strives to consciously manage in our Caribbean waters — meat, poultry and produce from the best nearby farmers and fishermen with whom he shares a close relationship and visits daily to find what’s fresh. The chef will also join guests in their very own state-of-the-art kitchens for personalised cooking classes, allowing them to take home a one-of-a-kind recipe and the vivid memory of preparing a gourmet twist on Dominican classics.

The luxury of Secret Bay does, in part, emerge from the ultra-modern amenities within each villa. However, the true luxury that guests so often glorify is the resort’s inherent aura of romance. Secret Bay was built on love, with love. Our first-class service and wealth of exceptionally relaxing experiences foster a getaway that allow you and your loved one to evanesce into the enchantment of Dominica and each other.

The privacy, luxury, and immersion of Secret Bay’s villas in the Dominica rainforest are the essence of romance. There is, perhaps, no other boutique hotel in the Caribbean that offers an experience as intimate as Secret Bay.

Personalise your bedding to satisfy your preferences, revel in the warmth of an open-air shower while enveloped by the Dominica sea-breeze, and dip in your villa’s very own infinity pool with sight of the ocean and the setting sun. Secret Bay is a place of magic, sure to transport you back to the time you first fell in love.

“Secret Bay…like a time machine…finds a way to bring you back to that time before children, before huge responsibilities, back to the time when you first fell in love.”


There is perhaps no better place to nurture your childlike sense of wonder than Secret Bay. Whether alongside your partner or your kids, guests have the opportunity to reconnect with what it means to be alive, to be at one with nature, to explore with eyes wide open and leave forever changed.

Witness the vibrant world beneath the sea surface, canyon into the rich depths of the Dominican jungle or simply immerse yourself in the wonders of Secret Beach without the distractions of daily life. At Secret Bay, we encourage guests of all ages to let go of their inhibitions and run wild — whatever that means to them.


Dominica is ahead of the curve with respect to its practice of sustainable tourism, and Secret Bay, in particular, exists upon a system of values to sustain the natural purity of its native community and habitat. Secret Bay’s developers and staff are committed to maintaining the land in the pristine condition in which it was discovered, and a top priority is to employ people from neighbouring communities, buy local produce, and support local artisans and businesses. Encouraging a genuine and mutually-beneficial interaction between guests, staff, island locals, and the island itself, Secret Bay presents a truly coveted opportunity to revel in ethical luxury.

Secret Bay’s residences are composed entirely of sustainably-sourced Guyanese hardwood. And, even more impressive, perhaps, is the fact that no heavy machinery was involved in construction; Secret Bay was assembled meticulously by hand. The villas were conscientiously placed in specific locations so as minimal clear-cutting would take place, while the bedroom furniture is largely composed of locally-sourced Red Cedar.

Residences and other resort structures were built and developed with LEED best practices and standards in order to protect the wide variety of flora and fauna that grow and live in this exceptional space, as well as the fragile corals of the waters below. Because of the rich marine life, the hotel has applied for the area around Secret Beach to be made a “Marine Reserve.”

Secret Bay is a Green Globe Certified property with a deep commitment to sustainability. In addition to having built the resort to be in harmony with nature, staff employ ‘green’ standard operating procedures and sanitization practices, which protect guests and staff as well as our precious island. All cleaning is executed with the use of EPA approved eco-friendly products from Ecolab International while wearing branded washable face masks and biodegradable gloves. Hand sanitizer is produced on-site and dispensed from sanitized glass containers.

Secret Bay maintains a Zero Waste policy. Recycling, reusing, active composting of food waste and the use of eco-friendly cutlery, crockery and glassware are all common practice. The property includes organic backyard gardens at each villa as well as an organic farm which caters to the fresh food needs of the Zing Zing Restaurant and kitchen. Each villa includes a Culligan Water Filtration System, which guests may drink from branded takeaway borosilicate water bottles as a means of enforcing its zero-tolerance policy for single-use plastic.

Acclaimed for its commitment to becoming the world’s first climate-resilient nation, Dominica is the Caribbean’s most environmentally conscious island, and here at Secret Bay, we are proud to lead the nation in its world-renowned sustainability efforts.

Learn more about Secret Bay’s sustainability management plan, covenants and environmental policy.

Secret Bay’s developers and staff are committed to maintaining the land in the pristine condition in which it was discovered, and a top priority is to employ people from neighbouring communities, buy local produce, and support local artisans and businesses. Recognized as an “anti-all-inclusive” resort, Secret Bay promotes an authentic Dominica experience, consistently engaging external businesses. In total, Secret Bay engages more than 60 stakeholders, including taxi drivers, guides, yoga teachers, farmers and fishermen, whose primary income is from the resort. Encouraging a genuine and mutually-beneficial interaction between guests, staff, island locals and the island itself, Secret Bay presents a truly coveted opportunity to revel in ethical luxury.

Tibay Beach

Complimentary Services

Secret Bay provides an inconspicuous six-star level of service. Villas are fully-equipped with modern facilities and friendly full-time staff are always discreetly on hand to accommodate your every need. The concierge is accustomed to recommending flights, planning excursions, booking spa treatments, organising child-sitting and assisting with just about anything you could possibly need.

  • Welcome dinner and airport transfers for stays of 7 nights or more
  • Organic Breakfast Basket, filled with a supply of farm fresh eggs, organic fruit, homemade granola, yogurt, bread, jam, dried fruit and local lemongrass and cocoa teas (replenished on request for the guests’ duration of stay)
  • High-speed Wi-Fi Internet access
  • iPhone for your exclusive use on- and off-property
  • Kindle with daily international newspapers
  • Small library of books
  • Sonos Bluetooth speakers
  • Home Audiovisual system with Netflix streaming service
  • Selection of board games
  • Adventure equipment (including: kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, yoga mats, GoPros, dry bags and snorkelling and swimming gear)
  • Safe keeping for your personal belongings

Resort Map


History has it that when Christopher Columbus – having been unable to land his ships on Dominica — was asked to describe the island upon his return to Spain, he scrunched up a piece of parchment in order to evoke the undulating terrain of volcanoes, valleys and mountains. This certainly explains why, despite being one of the largest islands in the Caribbean (754 sq. km), Dominica remains one of the least populated (72,660) and is the only island to have retained its indigenous people: the Kalinago.

Dominica, also known as the “Nature Island of the Caribbean,” is renowned for its abundance of natural splendours, from 365 rivers to the second largest boiling lake in the world, subterranean volcanoes, mountains, waterfalls, hot springs and both black and white sand beaches. One of the world’s last and most unspoilt islands, Dominica fosters complete immersion in the healing powers of nature and allows modern-day travelers to reap the nourishing rewards of a lush, sparsely-populated ecosystem.


Interestingly, Dominica has one of the highest number of centenarians (people over 100) in the world; three times the average of other developed countries. Perhaps it is the pure drinking water that flows down from Morne Diablotin into the Picard River that enlivens Dominicans; or, perhaps, it is the nutrient-rich juices squeezed from local exotic fruits and the island’s many healing herbal teas. In any respect, the island is a true fountain of youth.

The Dominican population includes 3,000 Kalinago Amerindians, Dominica’s first people, who live in the Kalinago Territory on the East Coast of the island. Formerly known as Caribs, the Kalinago preserve and share a proud heritage more than 1,000 years in the making. English is the island’s official language, although many people also speak a French-based Creole dialect.

The island of Dominica is abounding with activities to immerse oneself in nature, both physically and spiritually. The wild terrain, including its 365 rivers, 12 waterfalls, and countless hiking trails, inspires an active lifestyle, while Dominica’s many natural sulphur hot pools and locally-sourced foods inspire a holistic way of life.

Music is a very important aspect of Dominican culture – genres include Creole Music, “Jing-Ping” and “Cadence.” Music and dance festivals take place throughout the year, culminating in the annual “Jump-Up” Carnival in February or March and the increasingly-acclaimed World Creole Music Festival, which coincides with Dominica’s Independence celebrations at the end of October.

Dominica’s cuisine is similar to that of other Caribbean islands; however, what makes Dominican food special is the emphasis on fresh, wholesome, organic ingredients. Because the island is notably smaller than other Caribbean countries, dishes are inspired by locally-sourced produce, meat, and seafood and flavored with rich spices found throughout the island. The bustling Saturday markets in Roseau and Portsmouth are cultural experiences that visitors and residents should be sure not to miss.

Getting Here

There are no long-haul direct flights to Dominica; we are off the beaten track, and arriving at Secret Bay is worth every mile. Most flights will arrive at Douglas Charles Airport (DOM), the main airport in the northeast near Marigot. A second, Canefield Airport (DCF), is a small commuter airport in the southwest near Roseau.

Need help finding the best flights and fares? Our Travel Concierge will be happy to present your best itinerary options.


Book non-stop to Dominica (DOM) on American Airlines from Miami, Florida (MIA).

Book directly to Dominica (DOM) on American Airlines, Delta or JetBlue. This requires a seamless in-transit connection in San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU) on to Silver Airways or Antigua (ANU) or Barbados (BGI) on to LIAT.

Fly other major US airlines (US Airways, United, etc.) to Miami, Florida (MIA), San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU), Barbados (BGI), Antigua (ANU), St Lucia (SLU) or St Maarten/St Martin (SXM), then connect via American Airlines, Silver Airways, AirAntilles, WinAir, interCaribbean or Caribbean Airlines on to Dominica (DOM).


Book directly to Dominica (DOM) on British Airways or Virgin Atlantic. This requires a seamless in-transit connection in Antigua (ANU) or Barbados (BGI) on to LIAT.

Fly to Barbados (BGI), Antigua (ANU), or St Lucia (SLU) then connect via AirAntilles, WinAir, interCaribbean or Caribbean Airlines on to Dominica (DOM).


Book directly from Paris (CDG or ORY) to Dominica (DOM) on Air France. This requires a seamless in-transit connection in St Maarten/St. Martin (SXM) or Guadeloupe (PTP) on to AirAntilles or WinAir.

Fly Air Caraibes from Paris (ORY) to Guadeloupe (PTP), then connect via AirAntilles or WinAir on to Dominica (DOM).

From Guadeloupe, you may also opt to travel on L’Express des Iles ferry to Dominica.


Book directly from Amsterdam (AMS) to Dominica (DOM) on KLM. This requires a seamless in-transit connection in St. Maarten/St. Martin (SXM) via WinAir.


Book directly from Frankfurt (FRA) or Munich (MUC) to Dominica (DOM) on Air France. This requires a seamless in-transit connection in St Maarten/St Martin (SXM) via WinAir.

Fly Condor from Frankfurt (FRA) to Barbados (BGI) or Antigua (ANU), then connect via AirAntilles or WinAir on to Dominica (DOM).

Fly WestJet or Air Canada to St Maarten/St Martin (SXM), then connect via WinAir on to Dominica.

Fly WestJet or Air Canada to Barbados (BGI), Antigua (ANU) or St Lucia (SLU), then connect via AirAntilles, WinAir, interCaribbean or Caribbean Airlines on to Dominica.

Fly Air Canada to Guadeloupe (PTP), then connect via AirAntilles or WinAir on to Dominica (DOM).

From Guadeloupe, you may also opt to travel on L’Express des Iles ferry to Dominica.

From San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU) via Silver Airways to Dominica (DOM).

From St Maarten/St Martin (SXM) via AirAntilles or WinAir to Dominica (DOM).

From Trinidad (POS) via Caribbean Airlines to Dominica (DOM).

From Barbados (BGI) via AirAntilles, interCaribbean or Caribbean Airlines to Dominica (DOM).

From Antigua (ANU) via WinAir to Dominica (DOM).

From St Lucia (SLU) via AirAntilles or interCaribbean to Dominica (DOM).

From Guadeloupe (PTP) via AirAntilles or WinAir to Dominica (DOM).

From Guadeloupe, Martinique or St Lucia via L’Express des Iles to Dominica.

Accolades & Press

Caribbean JournalThe Caribbean Journal names Secret Bay as one of the top Caribbean hotels in its 2023 Cool List, which highlights hotels that have that “it” factor guests are looking for when staying at unique properties around the world.

Caribbean JournalSecret Bay has been named a winner of the Caribbean Journal’s Traveler’s Choice Awards for 2022, highlighting Secret Bay as the top boutique hotel in the Caribbean.

Secret Bay has been named Conde Nast Traveler’s #13 Resort Hotel in the Caribbean, in the 2022 Reader’s Choice Awards. This is the seventh time the six-star all-villa resort topped the ‘World’s Best Awards’ readers’ survey for the region.

Secret Bay has been named Travel and Leisure’s #1 Resort Hotel in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas for 2022. This is the second time in three years the six-star all-villa resort topped the ‘World’s Best Awards’ readers’ survey for the region.

Caribbean JournalThe Caribbean Journal ranks Secret Bay as Hotel of the Year in their 2022 Caribbean Hotel Sustainability Awards which highlights properties at the forefront of the sustainability movement in Caribbean hospitality.

Renowned travel guide Fodor’s included Secret Bay in their annual list of Best Caribbean Hotels for 2022. The article highlights Secret Bay’s unique clifftop design elements and luxe amenities that make each sustainability-built treehouse one of a kind.

Secret Bay was recognized as a top 40 Caribbean Resort and highest ranked Eastern Caribbean Resort in the renowned Condé Nast Traveler “2021 Readers’ Choice Awards” for the sixth year in a row. The prestigious award, which highlights top-rated establishments worldwide, placed Secret Bay in the 6th spot in the Caribbean category.

Travel + Leisure ranks Secret Bay as #10 in the Top 25 Resort Hotels in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Bahamas for 2021, prioritizing Secret Bay’s private, boutique qualities and spacious stand alone villas.

Renowned publication Travel + Leisure included Secret Bay in their iconic ‘T+L 500,’ ‘an illustrious list that recognizes the 500 best properties in the world,’ as chosen in a survey from their readership.

Our team is thrilled to share that Secret Bay has won the preeminent “Wow Pick of the Year” in the Kiwi Collection’s 2021 Hotel Awards. Each year, the renowned brand hand picks a curated collection of the world’s best hotels and resorts — each of which treats travel as a well-considered compilation of inspired experiences — and all of us at Secret Bay are ecstatic to see our six-star resort earn such limelight on their 2021 list.

Secret Bay has been ranked #11 “Top Resort in the Caribbean” by the renowned Condé Nast Traveler
2020 Readers’ Choice Awards. The Readers’ Choice Awards are the longest-running and most prestigious recognition of excellence in the travel industry and are commonly known as “the best of the best of travel.”

TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel website, ranks Secret Bay as the #5 Luxury Hotel and #9 Small Hotel in the Caribbean in their acclaimed Travelers’ Choice “Best of the Best” Awards for 2020 — the highest form of recognition awarded to the top 1 percent of hotels worldwide via reviews and ratings from travelers across the globe.


Renowned travel publication Travel + Leisure ranks Secret Bay as the #1 Resort Hotel in the Caribbean, Bermuda and the Bahamas in the 2020 World’s Best Awards — the highest distinction of its kind.


Travel + Leisure ranks Secret Bay as the #6 Hotel in the World on the “Top 100” list for 2020, detailing discerning readers’ top picks around the globe that span six continents.


On the heels of the World’s Best Awards, Travel + Leisure spotlights Secret Bay in an article titled, “The Best Hotel in the Caribbean Has Private Clifftop Plunge Pools and a Stunning Secret Beach,” accentuating its #1 ranking in the Caribbean and #6 ranking in the world.


Vogue, an international fashion and lifestyle magazine, recently included Dominica among the best places to visit in 2020. Beyond highlighting Secret Bay’s villas and amenities, the article goes on to note that our resort’s lush cliffside locale makes you “feel as though nothing else exists in the world.”


Secret Bay was recently featured by Architectural Digest, the world’s bona fide design authority, in the article “10 Stunning Clifftop Retreats Around the World.” Spotlighting Secret Bay’s architectural grandeur, the write-up describes our dream-like Zabuco Villa as “a sustainable masterpiece that seems to dance above the treetops.”


“Like all good dreams, this one lingered, evolving to become a boutique hotel composed of just six treehouse-style villas spread across four tropical acres. Measuring between 1,000 and 3,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor space, each extraordinary structure include personal plunge pools, free-standing tubs, gourmet kitchens, and pillow hammocks. Leave your lounge chair for snorkeling, nature trails, and personalized yoga classes.”

Architectural Digest


Forbes has spotlighted Secret Bay as a world leader in sustainable food tourism, detailing the all-villa six-star resort’s hyper-local ingenuity, environmentally regenerative gastronomy and Green Garden Initiative in its recent write-up.

“As Dominica works to become the world’s first climate resilient nation through renewable energy, organic agriculture and sustainable infrastructure, Secret Bay is doing its part to innovate and support government initiatives while also creating its own sustainable ecosystem.”


Secret Bay has been named “Dominica’s Leading Hotel 2020” by the prestigious World Travel Awards, marking the ultra-luxury, all-villa resort’s second recognition in a row.

Caribbean Journal, the go-to publication for all things Caribbean and travel, spotlighted Secret Bay as the “Boutique Luxury Hotel of the Year” in their second annual edition of the Caribbean Boutique Hotel Awards. Celebrating “the jewels of the Caribbean hotel industry,” The Caribbean Boutique Hotel Awards select the best boutique hotels across 12 different categories.

“Set at the far north of Dominica near Portsmouth, Secret Bay has long been one of the Caribbean’s true bucket-list retreats, with spectacular design married to an almost overwhelming authenticity.”

Caribbean Journal


Secret Bay has been included as a top 50 resort in the Caribbean by Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards. The Readers’ Choice Awards are the longest-running and most prestigious recognition of excellence in the travel industry.


TripAdvisor, the world’s largest travel website, awarded Secret Bay with a 2019 Travelers’ Choice Award for the sixth consecutive year, which is the highest honor TripAdvisor can bestow. Ranked #15 amongst the “Top 25 Small Hotels in the Caribbean,” Secret Bay has been recognized amongst the top 1 percent of hotels worldwide, all by virtue of positive reviews from over 500 travellers.

Fodor's Finest Hotels 2019

Fodor’s, an acclaimed travel guide that provides expert content on global destinations, has spotlighted Secret Bay amongst its annual list of best Caribbean hotels—all of which are highly praised year after year. The article highlights owner Gregor Nassief’s childhood dream that has been brought to complete fruition with Secret Bay, where six sustainably-built villas set a new, refined paradigm for Caribbean eco-retreats.

Resort FAQ

Check-In is at 3pm and Check-Out is at 11am. We will do our best to accommodate early arrivals and late departures.

All villas have Wi-Fi access and cellphone coverage. Cellphone coverage across Dominica is generally good, but we hope you might be dissuaded from taking your phone to the beach!

Yes, the water is safe to drink and meets World Health Organisation Standards. It comes straight from the Picard River which flows down from Morne Diablotins and this water supplies the entire city of Portsmouth. We have also eliminated all single-use plastic bottles by introducing reusable borosilicate glass bottles for guests with an under-sink Culligan water filtration system in each villa.

Secret Bay is perched on top of a cliff and benefits from cooling sea breezes so we are not too troubled by mosquitoes. There is a short spell at sunset when some sand flies make a brief appearance as a gentle reminder that you are surrounded by nature in all its glory – but repellent keeps them at bay and they don’t stick around for long. All the properties are fitted with anti-mosquito screens.

If you are planning on hiking in the rainforest it would be a good idea to bring repellent and to wear long trousers.

There is no dress code at Secret Bay – in your private and secluded villa, we want you to feel at home. The weather is warm all year round with a slight breeze at night. Dominicans generally dress casually and informally but do enjoy dressing up for special occasions. Comfortable summer clothes are suitable with a light sweater for the evening. If you are planning on hiking you will need proper hiking shoes and long trousers. And don’t forget your swimsuits and sunscreen!

Enjoy an al fresco dinner on your open-air villa deck to the tune of a one-man Jazz concert or indulge in an unforgettable meal at Secret Bay’s Zing Zing restaurant, where Executive Chef Fabio Fernandes offers a “no menu” dining experience set to jaw-dropping views of Tibay Beach. If you’re in the mood for exploring, head to a Dominican rum shop to soak up some local culture or go check out the music scene in one of the quaint bars in Roseau. Otherwise, relax beneath a star-filled sky from your private plunge pool and listen to the enchanting noises of the forest from the comfort of your villa nestled in the trees. All villas are also equipped with books, games, cable television, Wi-Fi and audiovisual system.

Yes—Secret Bay is home to Zing Zing restaurant, offering locally-sourced fare with a “no menu” dining experience set to jaw-dropping views of Tibay Beach. There are also some great restaurants in Portsmouth (about 10 minutes drive away) which serve fresh local fare; a wonderful selection of seafood and homemade fruit juices. Our concierge will reserve your table at Zing Zing and can also help you find a restaurant in the area that suits your taste and make a reservation.

In order to play our part in the protection of our environment, we change linens and towels once every three days. However if you would like clean linens or towels more frequently than this, please let us know and we would be happy to accommodate you.

Housekeeping is done in the late morning with turn down service in the evening. However we would be happy to accommodate your schedule if these timings are not convenient. Housekeeping will also be happy to take care of your laundry. We also recommend a dry-cleaning service in Roseau, which we can arrange if needed.

Although a gratuity is included in our prices – you are welcome to reward staff separately for exceptional service if you wish.

Voltage is 220V. Transformers are available for 120V appliances. A hairdryer is provided in all bedrooms.

Medical facilities are close at hand: it is a ten-minute drive to the pharmacy and a fifteen-minute drive to Portsmouth Hospital. Secret Bay also has a doctor on call 24 x 7.

On exception, children under the age of 18 are welcome to stay in any of our one-bedroom villas with signed liability waiver from an accompanying parent or guardian. Children must be supervised at all times.

Secret Bay has been developed with an ethos of health and well-being. As such we do not allow smoking in the villas or at Zing Zing Restaurant. You are of course welcome to smoke in some of the many outdoor relaxation areas but we do ask that you remain considerate of your fellow guests in these public spaces.

Yes you can. Dominica has two runways: Douglas Charles in the northeast and Canefield in the southwest of the island. Douglas Charles (TDPD/DOM) operates a 5761-ft. runway (09/27) and is open to the sea. There are ongoing upgrades to the airport, which offers Night VFR landing and approved GPS instrument approach for runway 27.

Canefield Airport, which is closer to the capital Roseau, operated a 3,100-ft. runway (01/19) along the Caribbean Sea coastline – Day VFR only. Both airports are approximately one hour’s drive from Secret Bay.

For the safety and privacy of our guests, the resort prohibits the operation of aerial surveillance systems or drones on or above the resort.

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