Botanical Garden/Jack’s Walk

The Botanical Gardens is cool oasis amidst the city of Roseau. Established in 1890 the botanical gardens comprise 40 acres of green space with over 50 different types of plants and trees. The gardens are perfect for a quiet stroll or picnic. Be sure to pass by the landmark left by Hurricane David in 1979 when a massive baobab tree crushed a bus.

In the botanical gardens you can get a close up view of Dominica’s two endemic parrot species in the captivity breeding area which is designed to support the preservation of these endangered birds.

To elevate the pace and your heart rate, try climbing up Jacks Walk which begins with 35 steps in the gardens. The walk then meanders upwards on a forest trail, delicately shaded by the surrounding trees. This 20 minute hike up into the area of Morne Bruce affords panoramic views of Roseau and the surrounding coastline. Jacks Walk is also an excellent preparation exercise for some of Dominica’s more challenging hikes!

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