Adventures by Land & Sea

3 Exhilarating Adventures Explore the Depths and Summits of Dominica

$1130 USD for 2 people, plus taxes & transfers

Just beyond your Secret Bay open-air villa lie boundless opportunities to explore the sheer magic of Dominica’s natural grandeur. Novice explorers and adventure enthusiasts alike will rappel into the depths of the island, reach new heights along its most remarkable trails and embark upon an adventure to sustainably catch and cook the island’s most notorious fish.


Experience a half day canyoning adventure and descend into the otherworldly depths of Dominica’s rainforest, where you will witness the beauty of the island in an entirely new light. This canyoning experience allows you to rappel down waterfalls and jump into crystal clear pools with the emerald green forest above. All equipment, including a wetsuit, harness and helmet, is included, and training is provided directly before embarking on this grand excursion.

Boiling Lake or Waitukubuli National Trail

Whether you wish to challenge yourself on an 8-mile hike to Boiling Lake or experience one of the 14 segments of the Waitukubuli National Trail—the longest hiking trail in all of the Caribbean—the exploits are limitless and the choice is yours. A guided trek to the world’s second-largest boiling lake is sure to satiate any adventure-seeker’s wanderlust. Alternatively, hiking the renowned Waitukubuli National Trail fosters a personal sense of accomplishment with relaxing breaks amongst historic structures and natural springs along the way.

Lionfish Catch & Cook

Secret Bay’s Lionfish Catch & Cook begins along the shores of Tibay Beach and ends in the comfort of your own villa, where you have the opportunity to delight in your very own catch of the day. This boating excursion allows you to fish or watch our resident expert make the catch as you swim and snorkel amongst Dominica’s vibrant reefs, culminating in a delicious meal prepared onsite by a Secret Bay chef. The Lionfish, a newcomer to the island and a threat to indigenous fish populations, has delicate white meat and a mild taste, making it a delectable and sustainable supper.


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