Of all the islands in the eastern Caribbean, Dominica is like no other. For nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, this tropical paradise of mountains, bays, rainforest, rivers and waterfalls, is simply idyllic.


Forever off-the-beaten-path, it seems, Dominica has not been trampled on or spoiled by mass tourism; its natural attractions, its cultural heritage, and the friendliness of its people are incomparable. Travel here and discover the essential Caribbean.

With three national parks – one of which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – marine and forest reserves, relics of pre- and post-Columbian antiquity, expansive farmlands, colorful tropical gardens, and active volcanic habitats, Dominica’s natural heritage is an untouched gem of the Caribbean.

A land of 365 rivers, one for every day of the year

Sleepy coastal villages, a quaint island capital, and rural farming hamlets lie along the margins of a densely forested and mountainous interior where hundreds of rivers flow, creating beautiful cascades, hidden canyons, and magnificent waterfalls. Concealed within this pristine wilderness are crater lakes – one of them boiling hot – and bird, mammal and reptile species that are found nowhere else on earth.

Discover Dominica’s many rivers

Never-ending hiking trails

Dominica’s interior also hides a network of historic tracks that have now become adventuresome hiking trails where the intrepid can climb mountain tops, trek from one end of the island to the other, discover waterfalls, or journey across an active volcanic caldera. For hiking enthusiasts, no other Caribbean island can match the range and diversity of trails in Dominica.

Discover Dominica’s hiking trails


Amazing Underwater World

With a short, continental shelf and shallow inshore coral reefs, Dominica’s underwater world very quickly drops into an azure abyss – so deep that sperm whales live here all year round. Shallow reefs, seemingly bottomless drop-offs, pinnacles and active volcanic vents all add drama to a marine environment that is as fertile, animated and pristine as the topside forests.

Soft and hard corals, elegant crinoids, sea fans, whips, and huge barrel sponges are the home of myriad fish and other colorful critters that include frogfish, seahorses, banded shrimp, and flying gurnards. Regular reef inhabitants are hawksbill turtles, parrotfish, rays and spotted drums.

Discover Dominica’s diving and snorkeling


Dominica’s Indigenous Heritage

Before Columbus turned up in the Caribbean and changed the region forever, these islands were the dominion of Amerindian tribes that had migrated from South and Central America. Around 3,000 descendants of those people – the Kalinago – still live in a semi-autonomous territory in the east of Dominica.

The Kalinago are a proud people who maintain the rich legacy and heritage of their ancestors through ritual, bush crafts, basket weaving, canoe building and cassava bread making. Welcoming visitors and demonstrating their culture is an important way for their ancestral heritage to remain alive and relevant in the modern world.

Dominica – known as Waitukubuli to the Kalinago – is the only island in the region where descendants of the first Amerindian islanders still survive and thrive.

Discover Dominica’s heritage sites

Mix of African and European Traditions

Dominica was eventually colonized by the French and British who traded in enslaved Africans. French culture had a big impact on post-Columbian Dominica and a new culture, known as Creole, was born.

In spite of its tragic historical roots, Creole has developed as a colorful mix of African and European traditions, customs, language and folklore; all best experienced at annual dance, music, food and festivals.

Discover Dominica’s festivals

Wellness, Nature and Adventure

Dominica is an island of wellness, nature, and adventure. Pure water, fresh forest air, peace and quiet, stunning scenery – they are all on the daily menu here. This is a timeless Caribbean destination; a place where you can escape the maelstrom of modern life, embrace and have fun in the natural world, and rejuvenate body and spirit. There is nowhere quite like Dominica.

Discover Dominica’s secret to wellness

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