Beaches and Bays

Ever the outlier, Dominica's beaches skip the crowds for wild stretches of black, gold and white sand and secluded coves.

Casual Coastlines

Beaches along the west coast of Dominica are great for swimming and watersports because the Caribbean Sea is usually calm and often quite shallow along the shoreline. Typically fringed by a sleepy coastal village or fishing community, beaches like Mero and Purple Turtle offer up a quintessential Caribbean vibe – strong rum punch, reggae or steel drum tunes in the distance and a perfect sunset every time.

The picturesque coastal village of Toucari is located north of Secret Bay. It has a thin sliver of a beach, and is a lovely locale to enjoy some snorkeling, kayaking or paddle boarding from the shore. There is also a casual beachside spot for cold drinks and fresh-caught seafood grilled to-order. We would be happy to take you there.

Atlantic Beaches

The beautiful beaches of the Atlantic coastline require a little more care when swimming though several are protected by inshore reef systems and horseshoe bays. Atlantic beaches worth visiting include Woodford Hill, Hodges Bay, Batibou Bay, and Pointe Baptiste.

Woodford Hill is also the location for an exciting archaeological study where it is believed that relics and artifacts of a 17th century trading village once stood – perhaps the first European settlement, or maybe a hideout for those “pirates of the Caribbean.”

Black Sand Bays

The black sand bays of the southeast coast are are we’re off-the-beaten-path experiences live. Not for the faint-hearted, Wavine Cyrique is a vertiginous decent using tree roots and ropes that brings you to a hidden bay of deep black sand and a waterfall that tumbles from the cliffs into the Atlantic Ocean. Equally impressive, though far more accessible, Rosalie Beach is a wind-swept stretch of pristine black sand where leatherback, hawksbill and green sea turtles choose to nest annually. While neither beach is safe for swimming, the rugged beauty and jet black sands are worth the journey.

Secluded Coves

At Secret Bay have two lovely secluded beaches, one of which is directly accessible from the villas, whereas the other – known as Secret Beach – can only be reached by a short boat or kayak ride. We can get you there and back, fix you up with snorkeling gear and a picnic for two – whatever you like.

Rough Around the Edges

The youngest island in the Lesser Antilles, Dominica’s coastlines show tell-tale markings of its volcanic origins in impressive tide pools and rock formations.

Located in the south eastern corner of Dominica is Glassie Pool, a meandering coastal track leading to volcanic rock formations and crystal-clear tide pools where you can bathe and explore.

L’Escalier Tête Chien is a narrow and dramatic lava dyke that runs from the coast and plunges straight into the abyssal Atlantic. Legend has it that this formation was created by a huge, mythical snake (known locally as tête chien) that emerged from the ocean and settled within a hidden cave on nearby Madjini Mountain.

The other-worldly Red Rocks is a beautiful coastal formation created over millennia and influenced by weather and ocean. The Red Rocks are best enjoyed at either sunrise or sunset, when soft light brings out the reds, oranges, and yellows of this awe-inspiring place.

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