Diving and Snorkeling

Diving and snorkeling in Dominica are sensational, with a wealth of healthy and colorful reef formations that are protected by managed marine reserves. If you don’t put your head under the water, you only see half the nature island.

World-class diving and snorkeling hotspots

Nearby Secret Bay, dive hotspots are found in the Cabrits Marine Reserve, Toucari Bay, and in Prince Rupert Bay where there is even a shipwreck or two waiting to be explored.

There is also marvelous snorkeling directly from our beach, with pristine and healthy coral reefs all within easy reach.

The water is exceptionally clean, usually very calm, and visibility is excellent. Because of their secluded location, these reefs are rarely visited by others, so the chances are very high that you will have them all to yourself.

Whatever your requirement, level of skill and experience, we will arrange scuba diving and snorkeling outings that are bespoke to you. We will also ensure you have all the equipment you want and need.

Striking Coral Reef Formations

Dominica is brimming with world-class dive destinations, including Douglas Bay Point, Toucari Bay Point and Shark’s Mouth to the north and L’Abym, Scotts Head Point and La Sorciere to the south.

Shallow reefs such as Champagne, where active fumaroles fill the water with bubbles, and Toucari Caves offer ideal sites for diving and snorkeling and, come dusk, night snorkeling to spot the reclusive creatures that emerge and vibrant corals that bloom in the light of the moon.

PADI training

A PADI Discover Scuba experience is the entry point for beginners. Your instructor will teach you the essential skills you need for scuba diving and then accompany you on a try-dive in fairly shallow water along a beautiful reef with easy conditions.

A PADI Open Water certification course includes both theory and practice and usually takes around four days. If this is of interest to you, we recommend that you undertake the theory and basic skills at your local dive center where you can obtain a ‘referral’ to finish your training here. This means that instead of four days, you spend two full mornings diving to complete your certification. And then the underwater world is all yours!

Free Diving

Soufriere Bay in Dominica’s south west, was formed by a massive volcanic explosion creating a narrow coast shelf and a stark drop-off to stunning depths. The island’s largest marine reserve long popular with scuba divers, Soufriere Bay is now home to free diving in Dominica, where holding your breath underwater becomes both a sport and a spiritual experience. Learn the techniques and practice with world-renowned freediving experts or enter one of Dominica’s annual freediving competitions.

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