Whales and Dolphins

Unlike our Caribbean island neighbors, Dominica provides a home to sperm whales all year round. It is for good reason therefore that Dominica is considered the whale watching capital of the Caribbean.

Whale Watching

Although nothing is guaranteed in life, half-day whale watching trips justifiably claim an above 80% success rate when it comes to whale sightings. This means that whenever you visit Dominica, the chance of an encounter with these magnificent creatures is remarkably high, and this is an experience no-one ever forgets.

In addition to our resident sperm whales – many of whom have been given names – migratory species of whale also visit Dominica’s coastal waters at different times of the year, including killer, pilot and humpback whales.

It is also very common for whale watching trips to encounter large pods of spinner, Atlantic spotted, and bottlenose dolphins. Watch them play around the boat, leaping from the water and diving across the wake.

Swimming with the Whales

Few places in the world allow you to get up close and personal with whales in their natural habitat. Sperm whales are resident of Dominica all year, so if you have the hunger for it, you can take a giant leap beyond a regular whale watching trip and actually get in the water and swim with these majestic creatures.

This in-water whale experience, which requires a specific permit regulated by the maritime authorities, is led by specially licensed and experienced guides. These guides have invested decades studying and becoming intimately acquainted with Dominica’s resident sperm whale population, and are experts at knowing how to behave safely and respectfully in their company.

For photographers, marine biologists, or anyone fascinated by whales, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never, ever forget.

All along the west coast of Dominica, the Caribbean Sea is usually very calm, so you do not need the sea legs and constitution of a seasoned sailor for you to have a good time. But talk to us if you have questions or concerns. A fully equipped boat with an expert crew will be your guide on this memorable excursion.

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