Rivers & Waterfalls

Known for its staggering peaks and one of the highest water densities in the world, Dominica is a verdant oasis to the discerning traveller sealing a not-so-typical Caribbean experience.

Chasing waterfalls

With the island so mountainous, many of its rivers, on their journey to these, create spectacular waterfalls and cascades, some of which are accessible by hiking trails or even short paths.

The Emerald Pool, a forest walk along an easy path to a beautiful waterfall and pool, is known for its characteristic emerald hue and how the pool reflects the verdant canopy in its crisp waters.

The twin waterfalls at Trafalgar Falls are known affectionately as ‘father’ and ‘mother’. The father (on the left) has a natural swimming pool a quick boulder scramble away or stay back and take in these magnificent waterfalls from the viewing platform.

One of Dominica’s tallest, Middleham Falls, is an hour hike from the village of Laudat through the lush rainforest and often alive with the call of Jaco parrots. A rock scramble from the viewing platform gets you to the refreshing waterfall pool.

Hidden Gorges

Dominica has numerous deep, narrow, and winding river gorges that conceal crystal clear pools and awesome waterfalls; and the only way to see and enjoy them is to take a canyoning trip. Secret Bay works with Dominica’s best, most experienced and safety-conscious canyoning outfit. Typically, a canyoning trip begins with a little training where you learn how to wear a harness and use a rappelling device. You are then taught how to rappel down a practice wall by canyoning experts.

After receiving efficient training, proper gear and getting secured by a safety line, a professional canyoning guide is there to assist you at both the top and the bottom of your rappel to ensure your safety. The adventure begins with a ‘beginner’ route and no prior experience is needed, though it helps if you are comfortable in the water and with heights. For experienced canyoneers, however, we do offer advanced canyoning trips.

A Guided Row

Take a leisurely boat ride along the Indian River. A haven for birdwatchers, the mangrove-lined river leads you deep into the forest and past the old witch’s house featured in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. You might like to stop for a rum punch at the mellow bar along the way that was a popular haunt with the cast and crew.

Not Your Typical “Lazy River”

The Pagua River runs from Dominica’s forested interior all the way to the Atlantic coast. You can enjoy sections of it by taking a river tube ride, passing alongside the margins of the Kalinago Territory and the Central Forest Reserve. For most of the journey the river is sedate with deep pools and forested river banks. Join a guided tour for a family-friendly, fun-filled afternoon.

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