Hot Springs and Wellness

The curative power of the natural environment is becoming ever more acknowledged, and in Dominica the routes to natural wellness are diverse and appreciable. One of the most popular ways to benefit is to visit a hot spring.

Volcanically heated, mineral-rich springs

As a legacy of its volcanic origins, Dominica has many volcanically heated, mineral-rich springs that occur naturally throughout the island. Usually, the most predominant mineral is sulphur, which is said to have therapeutic qualities.

Some of the island’s hot springs are only accessible via hiking trails, but many others can be enjoyed by visiting beautifully crafted and curated hot spas and wellness centers, most of which can be found in the villages of Wotten Waven and Trafalgar at the head of the Roseau Valley. These spas often have several pools that are nestled against a colorful backdrop of tropical flower gardens, river and forest. Some spas also offer mud treatments, massage, yoga and peaceful garden walks. Enjoy the spas after a challenging hike to sooth your achy muscles, or for a more romantic feel, under a canopy of stars at the end of another wonderful day on the island.

Forest Bathing

Shinrin Yoku, also known as forest bathing, is an activity that has also been recognized as therapeutic for both body and mind. A walk in the woods – for example, along the nearby Syndicate Nature Trail – is said to help you to calm your mind and reconnect with nature. 

If you spend much of the year working under pressure in an environment of glass and concrete, then we are sure you will appreciate the simple benefits of breathing in fresh forest air, and opening your eyes wide to the abundance of nature around you. Dominica, the nature island, is the perfect place to do this.

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