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Which Nature Island Adventure Are You?

For most, “adventure” is something that allows you to enliven your senses, reinvigorate your soul and open your eyes to something entirely new. It could be intriguing; it might be challenging; or it could simply be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. No matter what type of adventure you’re seeking on the Nature Island, our team at Secret Bay has something perfectly suited for you during your stay. Below, discover which adventure to embark on during your getaway with us and start dreaming up your idyllic winter escape. 

If you’re looking to reconnect with nature…practice forest bathing.
A Japanese healing practice, forest bathing has nothing to do with getting wet. Instead, it’s a meditative process of immersing yourself in a forest (or other nature setting). The goal is to slow down, unplug and deeply connect with your surroundings — using as many of your senses as possible — to restore your mind, body and spirit.

If you love connecting with animals…saddle up for a horseback riding tour.
A beautiful way to connect with nature and wildlife at once is through a guided horseback riding tour of the island. You’ll be led on a gentle and route along the sand, through the rainforest, along rivers and beyond. The breathtaking views and the intimate connection with a majestic animal will surely give you a new perspective on our local world.

If you want to challenge yourself…hike to Boiling Lake.
A hike to Boiling Lake is a must for any adventurous spirit who wants to feel both challenged and inspired. The arduous trail takes you through the rainforest, where your head will be in the clouds at the highest point, and then deep into the Valley of Desolation to cross an other-wordly hotbed of sulphuric stream. The pinnacle of this “right-of-passage” Dominica experience is the incredible Boiling Lake, a flooded fumarole which is the second largest of its kind in the world. 

If you thrive on the adrenaline rush…gear up for canyoning
This extreme adventure gives you a chance to see Dominica from a unique perspective. 

On your canyoning pursuit, you’ll traverse the gorges and rivers that carve through the rainforest, sliding and swimming your way right into the heat of the island — all in the hands of the most capable guides on the entire island. 

If you’re passionate about sustainability…set out on a lionfish hunt
Lionfish are an invasive species that are a threat to the coral reefs and other marine life in the Caribbean waters. Secret Bay guests have the opportunity to help balance the local ecosystem by participating in a lionfish hunt during their stay. Guided by a local fisherman, you’ll go on a snorkeling adventure and learn how to catch Lionfish by spear. To make this a two-part adventure, Chef Fabio and his team can then prepare the fresh Lionfish you caught to your liking for your meal that evening.

If you love a good pop culture reference…climb aboard for a row up the Indian River.
Paddle yourself in a kayak or let your guide steer the boat for a charming river cruise. You’ll spot egrets, crabs, iguana along the peaceful river lined by mangroves and the island’s amazing Bwa Mang trees, which offer both shade and serenity. Along your ride, you’ll pass by a waterfront wooden hut, which was used as a setting for the witch’s house in the Pirates of the Caribbean films. Be sure to ask about stopping for a rum punch at the local bar frequented by the cast and crew during filming!

If you’re a people person…visit the Kalinago Territory. 
The Kalinago people are among the last pre-Colombian populations in the Caribbean. They live in eight villages across the Kalinago territory, under guidance of an elected Chief. Visiting the territory may involve a trip to the Kalinago Barana Auté (Cultural Village), where you can purchase beautiful traditional handiwork and learn about their traditional culture and way of life.

If your mind and body need some rest…sneak away to the sulphur spas
Dominica’s natural hot mineral springs are the perfect way to relax and unwind. Simply lie back in the stream surrounded by the sights and sounds of the jungle, and let nature soothe your mind, body and soul. Many of the spas on the island have been landscaped in fun and inventive ways — let us recommend one to suit your needs.

Explore our experiences page for a more complete look at all that is waiting for you at Secret Bay and beyond.

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