Why Seclusion is Inherent to a Secret Bay Stay

Here at Secret Bay, we’ve long provided a serene sanctuary where space, seclusion and discreet service offer the most intimate, tailor-made island escape. With no front desk, a villa host dedicated to each guest, a tailor-made culinary journey and secluded villas with private gardens and plunge pools, we’ve designed the secret escape you’ve always dreamt of. Below, see why distancing oneself from the outside world is inherent to every Secret Bay stay. 

No Check-In for Ultimate Relaxation

Rather than checking in at a front desk upon arrival, Secret Bay guests are guided straight to their personal villa — which is conscientiously sited within its own clifftop setting to foster ultimate privacy and intimacy. After a day of travel, it’s essential that our guests can immediately relax, unwind and begin their tranquil escape

Intimate Villas Amid the Rainforest

Our villas are no ordinary hotel rooms — they’re designed as private, natural sanctuaries, meant to be enjoyed as much more than a place to sleep. Here, guests can dip in their private plunge pool, lounge beneath the warm Dominica sun (bathing suit or not), dive into a new read on the open-air deck while surrounded by the soothing chirping of birds and indulge in a private breakfast prepared by your dedicated staff in your very own villa kitchen at your leisure.

Solo Wellness Activities 

To experience ultimate mind-body wellness, we believe journeying within — without external distraction — is of utmost importance. That’s why when you arrive at Secret Bay’s Gommier Spa or Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion, our massages, facials, yoga classes and the like are as intimate as just you and a therapist or instructor, with no interruption other than the crashing waves below and chirping birds beyond.

Endless Access to Nature

By nature, our rainforest-meat-sea oasis is the ultimate setting for social distancing. Guests can choose to be completely alone or with their partner to enjoy the Nature Island however they see fit. This may look like a stroll along the on-property nature trails just beyond your villa, a private sunset sail, swim or snorkel to the ever-secluded Secret Beach, or even a guided tour into the mystical depths of the Indian River.

Individualised Dining

Dining at Secret Bay is akin to having an entire culinary staff dedicated just to you. Executive Chef Grant Lynott’s acclaimed no-menu concept at Zing Zing restaurant allows him to source hyper-local ingredients that are transformed into vibrant, personalised dishes best enjoyed amid the restaurant’s magical, cantilevered setting. Yet, if you wish for total seclusion, guests have the option to dine in-villa, on one of our private decks or even seaside on Tibay or Secret Beach. 

The Secret Bay experience has been designed specific ally for you. Here, revel in your own private slice of paradise — forever and always. We can’t wait to welcome you back someday soon.

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