The Perfect Secret Bay Day for Relaxation-Seekers & Adventurers

Among the many characteristics that makes Secret Bay the Caribbean’s most magical destination is the way in which it lends itself to bold adventurers, relaxation seekers and everyone in between. Picture yourself zipping through trees or sipping cocktails on the beach with a day in the life at Secret Bay — two ways.


Adventure: A sunrise swim

Vacation, for you, is all about making the most of every minute. You’ll wake with the sun and swim, paddle or kayak out to Secret Beach before everyone else rises. Arrange for a fresh breakfast to greet you once you arrive at this secluded oasis and fuel up for a day of exploration.

Rest: Cocoa tea on the villa balcony

Your vacation is free from alarms, schedules and time constraints. You’ll wake up slow, savoring every moment in your plush, cozy bed before crafting a cup of cocoa tea (a Secret Bay specialty) in your villa kitchen. Tea in hand, you’ll venture out to your private balcony to sip slowly, taking in the sights, smells and sounds as you set an intention for your day: calm, rejuvenating, bliss.


Adventure: The world is your oyster

For you, Secret Bay is home base but not the lone setting for your trip. You want to try something new, risky and/or challenging. You’re tying up your hiking boots, packing fresh/local snacks and a reusable water bottle, and seeing what Dominica is truly made of. You might be horseback riding through the rainforest, trekking out to Boiling Lake or canyoning through caverns and hidden waterfalls.

Rest: A bespoke massage 

Your stay at Secret Bay is about letting go of stress and tension — mentally, emotionally and physically. Nestled among the trees, the Gommier Spa is the ultimate destination for healing. Services are customised to your preferences and include relaxation, deep tissue, hot stone and four-hand massages with locally custom-blended oils, as well as our signature Gommier facial.


Adventure: Night snorkeling 

The ocean is a wondrous place that truly transforms when the sun sets. You’ll set out on a guided night snorkeling excursion, where you’ll spot creatures that only come alive at night — basket stars that open up into huge fans to filter the water, the orange-balled corallimorph with its long tentacles, lobsters, moray eels, and many varieties of nocturnal fish.

Rest: Happy hour on the Vetiver Sunset Deck

For the most stunning sunset views at Secret Bay, make your way to the Vetiver Sunset Deck with a handcrafted cocktail or bottle of wine. From this spot, you’ll have panoramic views of the sand, sea and trees that will be impossible to look away.

Are you ready to plan a relaxing or adventurous vacation in 2021? Let us help you — email [email protected] today. 

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