4 Ways to Find Mind-Body Peace in Nature

Amid these challenging times, it’s crucial to turn inward and address your mind + body connection. But, perhaps the best way to do this? By immersing yourself in the simple, extraordinary wonders of nature. At Secret Bay, our guests have the opportunity to find peace at every turn, but until we’re able to welcome you back, we’re pleased to share four ways that you can mimic these experiences at home. 

Earthing (Grounding)

The Secret Bay way: 

Nestled within the Dominica rainforest, Secret Bay is rooted in its connection with the Earth. We encourage our guests to practice earthing (also known as grounding) throughout their stay—a concept that means connecting with the energy of the Earth, which our bodies so innately crave. This practice eliminates static electrical charges and reduces free radicals within the body.

Try it at home: 

When you’re walking on carpet and hardwood floors, your body isn’t connecting with the Earth like it’s supposed to. To combat this and reap the benefits of earthing, go outside, take off your shoes and place your bare feet (optional: hands, too) in the grass, dirt or sand. Sit still, walk or dance around for 30 minutes or so for the full benefits.


The Secret Bay way: 

One of the hardest parts of mindfulness and meditation is being able to tune out your surroundings, which is why our Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion is designed around simplicity. The wooden deck and open-air concept lend themselves well to these practices. 

Try it at home:

You can practice mindfulness during nearly any activity—simply focus on whatever you’re doing in the present moment. Quiet your mind not by attempting to stop your thoughts, but by acknowledging those that arise and letting them pass. 

For a meditation practice, we recommend getting cozy. Sit comfortably on a cushion, couch, bed, patch of grass or find a comfortable lying position. Turn on a guided meditation of your choosing (the apps Headspace and Calm offer many to choose from). Close your eyes (an eye mask helps if you find it hard to keep your eyes closed), and focus on your breathing and the words being spoken.


The Secret Bay way: 

The Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion sets an almost magical stage for yoga practice at Secret Bay. Nestled among the treetops in the open air, suspended over the Cario River with views of Tibay Beach, it’s the perfect place for an intimate, calming session. Book a private class alone or with a partner or practice alongside other guests in a small group. 

Try it at home: 

Take your practice outdoors or set up a quiet space inside. All you need to start is a yoga mat and an intention—a reason for coming to the mat, something you want to focus on in the present moment or see happen in the near future. 

If you’re new to practicing yoga, you’ll find plenty of free resources to help your practice online. Many yoga teachers post free classes on their YouTube or Instagram accounts, and apps like Glo, Daily Burn and Peloton offer live or recorded sessions for any level.

Forest Bathing

The Secret Bay way: 

With endless hiking trails, caverns, beaches and fields to explore, Dominica makes the ancient practice of forest bathing—or immersing all of one’s senses in nature—available to anyone. Our guests see waterfalls and lush green forests, hear the calls of rare species of birds, smell the fresh air and salty sea, taste just-harvested fruits and veggies, and touch the warm sand, cool rocks and sturdy branches around them.

Try it at home:

Simply be in nature. Walk, stand, sit or lie in a park, field, backyard, forest—whatever form of nature is most accessible to you. Connect with all of your senses. What are you seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting (if applicable)? Spending quality time with Mother Earth is a proven way to improve your mood, energy and more.

We hope these ideas will bring you a sense of peace and comfort, despite the chaos you may be facing. And as always, sending you serenity from Secret Bay. 

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