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5 Experiences That Make Dominica a #1 Destination for Healing

If there’s anything we need more of in life, it’s the opportunity to rest, recharge and heal. From its abundant natural splendor to our carefully curated amenity spaces right here at Secret Bay, Dominica perfectly sets the stage for healing of the mind, body and soul. Below, find five experiences that make this island such a special destination for modern wellness-seekers.

1. Picturesque Sunset Viewings

There’s a reason tropical sunsets are so popular as computer backgrounds or on vision boards. They’re calming, soothing and help remind us of the beauty that exists outside the office. Best viewable from a quiet beach or a private sailboat, these nightly displays are hard to ignore.

2. Private or Small-Group Yoga and Meditation

Surrounded by trees and breathing in the open air is truly the best way to experience these ancient practices. Secret Bay’s Bwa Mang Wellness Pavilion, overlooking the Cario River with Tibay Beach just beyond, makes for a magical atmosphere. 

3. Snorkeling Through Clear, Warm Waters

Few things will make you realize just how spectacular the natural world is than a glimpse into the wondrous world underwater. Dominica has just as much to offer below sea level as it does above. Secret Bay guests have access to complimentary swimming and snorkeling gear throughout their stay. 

4. Forest Bathing

A meditation practice that involves slowing down and connecting with the natural world, forest bathing is especially beneficial to anyone who lives a city life. Only good can come from immersing oneself in the earth and reconnecting with the universe’s greater forces. And while you’re there? Submerge yourself into one of Dominica’s healing, natural sulphur spas and listen to the sights and sounds of the jungle.

5. Hiking and Climbing Across the Island

While some recharge their batteries through rest and relaxation, others need to get their bodies moving to reap the same endorphin-boosting benefits. Dominica is as much an adventure island as it is a restful place with guided activities like waterfall hikes and canyoning readily available. 

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