Why a Night at Secret Bay Will be the Best Sleep of Your Life

Of course, vacationing has its infinite perks. But for many, being in an unfamiliar place without your typical bedtime comforts can make it harder to sleep as deeply as usual. At Secret Bay, however, we don’t accept that you should have to settle for a less than stellar night’s sleep during any part of your stay. Your evening routine in our villas should be just as comfortable and restful as a night at home—and, in many cases, even more so. Here’s how. 

Embrace Seclusion in the Middle of Paradise 

Being away from the stress of everyday life can be enough to put anyone in a welcomed state of relaxation. And being away from the stress in the middle of a tropical paradise? Now, that’s hard to beat. To experience Secret Bay is to feel at peace: nestled in the rainforest between lush trees, breathing in the crisp air, listening to the sounds of exotic birds and lapping waves on the shoreline as you fall into slumber. This is natural serenity at its finest. 

Fine-Tune Your Sleeping Environment 

While our standard accommodations are carefully curated, we understand that comfort is not universal. That’s why everyone has the luxury of personalising their villa bedroom through our unique “Slept Away” program. Guests will have the opportunity, before they arrive, to choose their preferences in the following categories: 

  • Mattresses: medium or firm, hypoallergenic 
  • Pillows: standard, memory foam, waterbase, extra firm 
  • Sleeping Aids: eye masks (rice-filled or silk), earplugs 
  • Homemade Herbal Teas: soursop, lemongrass, bay leaf 
  • Sonos Bluetooth Speaker: stream calming music, white noise, or other relaxing sounds

Now, factor in the locally sourced breakfast basket waiting for you when you wake up to a gorgeous, soft natural light instead of an alarm clock. And consider the day ahead—lounging by the sea, practicing yoga amid the treetops, or climbing your way through the island’s natural splendor—as you doze off into a restful slumber. At Secret Bay, you might just have the best night’s sleep of your life.

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