Why Secret Bay is Amongst the Leading Green Hotels in the Caribbean

Secret Bay, above all other hotels throughout Dominica, sustains all that the island stands for: a locale of uncorrupted beauty. Comprised of just eight secluded villas and bungalows, Secret Bay is camouflaged by the Dominica rainforest atop the breathtaking northwest cliff of the island. Resembling treehouses, the rooms were constructed within nature, not around it. The United Nations has declared 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development, yet Secret Bay has touted initiatives that go way beyond “going green” since its onset.

Local citizens proudly revel in the belief that Dominica is the only island Christopher Columbus would recognize if he were to return to the Caribbean. Dominica is, undoubtedly, one of the last tourist destinations in the world with the largest percentage of natural flora and fauna. The island is ahead of the curve with respect to its practice of sustainable tourism, and Secret Bay, in particular, exists, and will persist, upon a system of values to sustain the natural purity of the community.

Sustainable Materials

Designed by famed architect Fruto Vivas, Secret Bay is composed entirely of sustainably-sourced Guyanese hardwood. Even more impressive, perhaps, is the fact that no heavy machinery was involved in construction; Secret Bay was assembled meticulously by hand. The villas and bungalows were conscientiously placed in specific locations so as minimal clear-cutting would take place, while the bedroom furniture is largely composed of locally-sourced Red Cedar. Thus, as an eco-luxury resort, Secret Bay exists in a beautiful equilibrium between a responsibility to the environment and a commitment to the guests’ comfort. Secret Bay offers a luxurious experience in harmony with nature; the ability to revel in ethical luxury.


Local Products

One of the most acclaimed and tasteful methods of sustainability, for both Dominicans and tourists alike, is Secret Bay’s commitment to using locally-sourced products. Chef Eric’s kitchen consists of nearly 80% local produce, seafood, herbs, and liquors, all of which enhance the inherent flavor of each dish. When using fresh fruits like papaya or mango, or just-caught fish like red snapper and mahi mahi, the ingredients speak for themselves. On the Secret Bay property, Chef Eric utilizes wild herbs to season his dishes and prepare healing herbal teas. By supporting local businesses and using the freshest ingredients, both the producers and consumers reap the benefit.


Supporting the Community

It is widely perceived that sustainability begins and ends with the environment. Nevertheless, sustainable action stems from the people, and it must support the people. Therefore, Secret Bay works with a Dominican organization known as CALLS, a “centre where adolescents learn to love and serve.” Supporting children who did not receive an education, CALLS provides unique courses in agriculture, cooking, cosmetology, various crafts, among many others. Secret Bay is proud to support CALLS financially and provide donations whenever possible.


While working with local organizations is an act of sustainability, so is educating those who visit the “Nature Island.” Tourists, much like those who call Dominica home, are responsible for maintaining the land and community. Secret Bay thus offers its guests classes about local animals, plants, and flora. Additionally, the resort’s 2017 project is to eliminate all plastic water bottles so the guests, too, will live and learn to act sustainably. There is a shared understanding among the people of Dominica to maintain the purity of their home, which tourists likewise uphold once they’ve witnessed the natural splendor of the island.

DG LBWW from Villa


While we believe that working with local organizations is an act of sustainability, so is educating those who visit the “Nature Island.” Tourists, much like those who call Dominica home, are responsible for maintaining the land and community. Secret Bay has published its own book titled Life is Precious, which glimpses into the flora, fauna, and marine life that make up the paradise that is Dominica. This book can be found on our grounds, within surrounding areas, and is available to download below.

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