Immerse in Dominica’s Vibrant Art Scene at Secret Bay’s Bwa Denn Art Gallery

The natural beauty of Dominica has long served as inspiration for local artists, and now visitors can immerse themselves in the island’s rich culture at Secret Bay’s brand-new Bwa Denn Art Gallery. This cutting-edge space, part of the stunning new Bwa Denn complex, will showcase the works of Dominica’s most talented artists.

Debut Exhibition: Précis Retrospective of Earl Etienne

Opening on June 29, 2024, the inaugural exhibition is a “Précis Retrospective” dedicated to the late master artist Earl Etienne. This micro-oeuvre will highlight selected series and themes from Etienne’s illustrious career, providing a glimpse into the mind of one of Dominica’s most celebrated artistic voices.

Championing Local Art & Culture

The Bwa Denn Art Gallery joins the recently opened Old Oven Art Gallery at Fort Young Hotel in GEMS Holdings‘ mission to champion local art and culture. With multiple exhibitions planned annually across both galleries, they will provide invaluable exposure for Dominican artists to local and international audiences.

Aaron Hamilton, appointed as curator for the galleries, expressed enthusiasm for the new opportunities: “By providing a platform for local artists to showcase and sell their work, we are confident that this initiative will create new opportunities and foster the growth of Dominica’s arts and culture.”

A Commitment to Artistic Development

The art galleries are a testament to GEMS’ commitment to the island’s artistic development, aligning with the GEMS Foundation’s Entertainment and Arts pillar. As visitors explore the Bwa Denn Art Gallery, they’ll gain a profound appreciation for Dominica’s vibrant culture and the incredible talents that emerge from this natural paradise.

The Bwa Denn Experience

Beyond the gallery, the innovative Bwa Denn complex promises a multi-sensory experience. The two-level structure features contemporary Caribbean and Latin American art pieces, a casual gourmet restaurant by the executive chef, full-service bar, microbrewery, wine cellar, and more. The rooftop lounge offers a signature “no menu” dining concept with sweeping ocean vistas.

Whether you’re an art connoisseur or seeking an immersive cultural experience, Secret Bay’s Bwa Denn Art Gallery is a must-visit destination. Come celebrate the creativity that flourishes in Dominica while embraced by the sights and sounds of the rainforest.

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