Why Every Day is Valentine’s Day at Secret Bay

While Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly the most romantic holiday of the year, we don’t believe grand plans should be reserved for just one day. At Secret Bay, our guests are able to experience unbeatable love and intimacy every single day while residing in our transformative clifftop setting—so much so that our boutique hotel has been named one of the top Caribbean hotels for romance. Here’s why every day at Secret Bay is a romantic, sweet escape.

It feels like you have the whole resort to yourself. 

Secret Bay’s villas were strategically placed far enough apart to make each one feel like its own hideaway. When you wake up to the sounds of nature and walk out onto your private deck, you’ll be met with views of the lush treetops and the rolling tide of the sea. Especially when you’re taking a break from city life, few things are more romantic than having some alone time in nature. 

Enjoy a world-class meal that won’t be the same tomorrow.

Far better than having to compete with others for a table at a fancy restaurant in your hometown is having a dinner experience carved out for you on the night of your choosing during your stay. Secret Bay’s innovative no-menu restaurant, Zing Zing—led by chef Grant Lynott—lets you indulge your taste buds in a relaxing, intimate setting amid the rainforest.

Relax your body and mind during a couple’s massage.

Couples massages are popular Valentine’s Day gifts that should truly be enjoyed more often than once a year. Overlooking Tibay Beach, our treehouse-style Gommier Spa offers solo or couples treatments, including deep tissue or hot stone massages and signature facials—perfect for a much-needed day of rest or to relax tense muscles after a day of hiking or kayaking. 

Sit back and watch the sunset paint the sky.

Dominica’s sunsets are magnificent works of art, best enjoyed with a cocktail in hand and beside your loved one. Take a romantic walk along the beach, set sail on an evening cruise or look out from the peaceful deck of your villa to experience one of the most romantic locales on Earth.  

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