What Makes Secret Bay a Top Destination for Families in the Caribbean?

Secret Bay is akin to a treasure chest: when you come upon the resort, it feels as though you’ve struck gold. Dominica is a land of magic, of raw natural wonder, of the dreams we’ve all had as children. While the island itself is a marvel, the spirit of Secret Bay is the essence of our adolescent fervor to adventure and experience the world. The eight secluded villas among the clifftop, wrangled by vines and leaves, are the ultimate locale to fulfill the fascination and curiosity of both children and adults alike. Secret Bay is, undoubtedly, the premiere destination for families to create memories that will last a lifetime; memories that will certainly bring you back for more.


In a TripAdvisor review, one guest noted Secret Bay’s magnetic pull: “All in all, I can’t recommend Secret Bay and Dominica enough for families. It was an experience my family will long remember and is looking forward to experience again.”

Family Villas & Offerings

Secret Bay offers countless adventures for the entire family to revel in, considering Dominica’s abounding prodigies of nature. There is so much to discover at Secret Bay; each day will inspire new and wild imaginations, allowing the family to bond and learn as a unit. Stay in the incredible 2-bedroom Zing Zing Villa and indulge in the Family Adventure Package to ensure the most memorable experience. This offering includes an organic food basket delivered to the villa each morning, daily fresh-squeezed juices, and a fully prepared, Creole-inspired sunset barbecue. Nevertheless, these accommodations are only to satiate the family before embarking upon the most unforgettable activities the island has to offer.

“The villa itself felt like home and we were treated as such.”



Dominica has endless opportunity for adventure, from guided tours of the island’s natural wonders to shopping at the colorful market alongside the locals. Hike a segment of the famous Waitukubuli National Trail to admire the woodlands, waterfalls, hillside farming and inspiring views of Guadeloupe. Or, go on a gentle hike to spot rare and endangered species such as the national bird the Sisserou Parrot indigenous to Dominica.

Take a 3-hour snorkeling tour which brings your family to the island’s premiere snorkeling sites, such as Douglas Bay, Colihaut, Toucari Bay, and more. Watch your children’s eyes and minds widen as as they spot large sea fans, lion fish, tube worms, and butterflyfish on this underwater adventure. These are images they’ll never forget, just as you’ll always remember the smiles on their faces.


See & Explore

One of Secret Bay’s most prized experiences is an excursion to Syndicate Falls. The famed Dr. Birdy will take your family on a revelatory rainforest walk, allowing the children to chew on sugar cane, taste fruit directly off the branch, climb 400-year-old trees, and observe some of the most colorful endemic bird species in the world.

After so much active exploration, take a relaxing guided boat trip up the magical Indian River, a paradise for birdwatchers and explorers of all ages. This river, featured in the second and third films of The Pirates of the Caribbean, will transport you and your family into a mythical realm that you’ve seen only on the movie screen (quite literally). At the end of the river, the adults can kick back and delight in the famous Dynamite rum at Sheri’s Bush Bar.

“From our adventures with Fire down the Indian River to our nature walk with Dr. Birdy — both arranged by Lenita at Secret Bay — and the nature exploring just outside our doorstep, our son was forever changed.”


The Ultimate Family Retreat

The beauty of Secret Bay is its boundlessness: there is always something to do, something else to see, something more to assuage your wanderlust. You have the ability to escape to Secret Beach, horseback ride to the island’s 12 waterfalls, or simply breathe in the Dominican sea breeze atop the Sunset Deck for a 90-minute yoga session.

In another five-star TripAdvisor review, a guest commended Secret Bay and the island for all that it offered her family: “My husband, daughter and I have been fortunate to travel to many beautiful places around the world this year and Dominica takes top prize for its natural beauty, friendly people, rich culture, adventurous activities and “off the grid” getaway appeal.”

The opportunities are limitless; as are your family’s memories.



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