Weddings & Vow Renewal

An Enchanting Ceremony in an Unmatched Setting

As soon as you step upon the grounds of Secret Bay, there is a palpable sense of warmth, of love, of indescribable placidity. The “secret” of our resort is the incommunicable impact it has upon our guests. Secret Bay is a hub of unforgettable memories that are almost too difficult to translate to those on the outside. In essence, you have to see it to believe it. For that reason, people from all around the globe come to Secret Bay in Dominica to create important, life-changing memories with one another. Whether it is a wedding or vow renewal, our resort is the most magical locale to fulfill your most romantic imaginations.

Read on for information on weddings and vow renewal ceremonies at Secret Bay or contact our concierge to reserve your residence and arrange a curated romantic holiday that you’ll never forget.

Wedding Ceremonies at Secret Bay

If you and your loved one are seeking a small, unique, and elegant private wedding, Dominica’s Secret Bay is the perfect place to exchange vows and begin a new life together. Our magical secluded beaches, private decks, discreet service, gourmet fare, and stunning cliff-top scenic spots provide the tropical stage for your ceremony and wedding photography.

Planning a wedding can often be overwhelming, but we at Secret Bay are with you every step throughout your journey. Our concierge will consult with you beforehand to ensure that your big day is impeccably tailored to your wishes. Nevertheless, we are confident you will be pleased with our offerings:

  • We will provide a wedding officer to officiate your private beach ceremony.
  • You will have an hour-long photography session to capture your special Caribbean wedding within the magnificent setting of Secret Bay.
  • Our talented chefs will provide a beautiful 1-tier wedding cake, champagne, and canapés.
  • Our dedicated staff will serve a romantic candlelit dinner for two with wine on the open terrace of your villa or bungalow.
  • We will offer a memorable 45-minute live musical accompaniment to your nuptials (a variety of musical genre available).
  • Using our own resources of exotic tropical flowers, we have the ability to create exquisite floral designs, varying from vase arrangements, to bridal bouquets, to boutonnières.

Your wedding day is a whirlwind of both celebration and concentration; thus, the staff at Secret Bay values your quiet, alone time together. We suggest a couples massage to destress and disconnect, which you can enjoy in the warm breeze atop your personal deck. We gift our newlyweds a romantic candlelit dinner with wine on the terrace of your personal villa or bungalow, as well as a Dominica-inspired wedding memento for you to take home and remind you of that special day — a day that you chose to share with us.


Vow Renewal at Secret Bay

Secret Bay is celebrated for its organic and primitive but luxurious setting in the thick of the Dominica rainforest. It is a place of renewal: to refresh, restart, and reinvigorate. Thus, there is no better place than Dominica’s Secret Bay to restore your commitment and love for one another. When you feel the time is right, we are more than happy to arrange a beautiful ceremony to honor such a beautiful moment in time.

If you weren’t able to celebrate your wedding with us, our offerings for your vow renewal are just as specialized and personal:

  • We will host a vow renewal ceremony with a chosen officiator.
  • We offer a 30-minute photography session in which we capture key moments of joy, devotion, laughter and celebration, as spontaneous or as planned as you desire.
  • Using our own resources of exotic tropical flowers, we provide exquisite floral designs for your cake, bouquet, or boutonnière.
  • Let us arrange a one-man jazz concert in the privacy of your villa terrace or on one of our decks; be serenaded under the stars for an intimate evening you will remember forever.
  • Celebrate with fine wine and Creole-inspired fare for a night filled with champagne and canapés.

At Secret Bay, we honor your vow renewal as a momentous landmark in a cherished relationship. Therefore, we hope to make your experience as special and unique as possible.

Romantic Excursions

The luxury of Secret Bay does, in part, emerge from the ultra-modern amenities within each villa and bungalow. However, the true luxury that guests so often glorify is the resort’s inherent aura of romance. Secret Bay offers several outings for you and your loved one to experience and satisfy the sentimentality of your stay.

  • Embark upon our three-hour nature excursion, which allows you to experience Dominica’s stunning landscapes, waterfalls, rainforest and birdlife.
  • Hike the famous Waitukubuli National Trail to admire the woodlands, waterfalls, hillside farming, and inspiring views of Guadeloupe.
  • Board the Dominica-renowned Indian River boat trip, which takes you from our very own Tibay Beach to the river’s end, where you will surely enjoy the Dynamite rum at the Bush Bar.
  • Go on a gentle birdwatching hike to spot the Jaco Parrot, slumberous warbler, or a broad-winged hawk in a breadfruit tree.

Secret Bay’s Caribbean Couple’s Retreat package will reinforce the astounding, romantic memories you’ve already made beyond your ceremony. The love that emanates from the canopies of the rainforest, the white sand of Secret Beach, and the luxury of our villas and bungalows are sure to amplify the love that you’ve just again rediscovered.

Book online or contact our concierge to reserve your residence and arrange a curated romantic holiday that you’ll never forget.