We Are the #1 Small Hotel in the Caribbean

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Your patronage and our efforts to serve you with flair and discretion means that Secret Bay won the #1 Small Hotel in the Caribbean in Trip Advisor’s Traveler’s Choice 2013 awards.  We also ranked #3 in Service for all Hotels in The Caribbean.  Harper’s Bazaar Travel Hot 100 List 2013 picked out Secret Bay as one of the 10 best in the world in the Resorts category.  “With its two private bungalows, two villas and discreet service 24/7… spectacular views.  A hideaway stocked with Kindles, sound systems and personal chefs.” ISLANDS also rated Secret Bay  as their top secret resort calling it a “breathtaking resort…where jungle meets the sea”.   And it is not just our fans this side of the Atlantic who gave us rave reviews. UK publications House and Gardens and The Sunday Times have placed us firmly on their radar, as have Germany’s Madame and Portugal’s Portfolio Life.  To find out more on what the media are saying about Secret Bay, click here. (Photo by Derek Galon).

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