Venture into Dominica’s Lush Rainforest on Secret Bay’s Indian River Cruise

If you’ve ever wished to feel transported to an otherworldly realm right here on earth, look no further than Secret Bay’s Indian River cruise. Both relaxing and transformative, this day trip begins with a boat pick-up at Secret Bay, carrying you along the coast to the river’s mouth where your eye-opening adventure finally commences.

Meander through the lush rainforest past mangroves and mystical Bwa Mang trees; drink in the wisdom of Dominican local and river guide Fire; and listen to the beautiful chirping of rare bird species above while keeping your eyes peeled for magical flocks in the sky.

Indian River

Featured in The Pirates of the Caribbean, the Indian River is, quite literally, a hidden gem that only its voyagers can reap the spiritual benefits of. And, when you’ve reached the river’s end, make a pit stop at the famed Bush Bar for their signature rum punch and fried plantains. What better way to cap a fulfilling day of adventure?


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