This is Your Sign: 5 Reasons You Should Visit Secret Bay This Winter

Nature has been calling, and it might just be time to stop ignoring its ring. Maybe you’ve been thinking about escaping the city, taking some time off work, breaking out your hiking boots, trying something new, or simply hitting pause on the everyday for a moment. If an island getaway has been on your mind, consider this the extra push you’ve been looking for to book a trip to Secret Bay.

1. You’re craving adventure.

As the Nature Island, Secret Bay is an adventurer’s playground. Up in the hills, down into caves, out atop the ocean—thrilling experiences are waiting to be had. From slow-paced treks through the wilderness (stopping to admire waterfalls, hot springs, and abundant wildlife) to high-intensity canyoning excursions or zip lining rides, there’s no shortage of beautiful adventure around here.

2. Swimming. With. Whales.

Though this reason is likely enticing enough without further explanation, we’ll elaborate. Dominica is the only place on Earth where sperm whales can be consistently spotted all year round. These magnificent, gentle creatures can reach up to 20.7 metres (68 feet) long and are breathtaking up close. We’ll transport you via boat to a prime whale-sighting spot, equip you with snorkeling gear, and invite you on a life-changing experience.

3. You’re looking for an eco-conscious getaway.

Today’s traveler knows that to be able to travel and appreciate the wonders of the world, they owe it to themselves (and others and the planet) to take less and give back more. Secret Bay’s mission is to make travel and adventure as sustainable as humanly possible—without sacrificing luxury or comfort. Guests can rest easy (on ultra-comfortable bedding), knowing that their stay is helping us support environmental initiatives at Secret Bay and on the island. On-site initiatives include providing guests with reusable water bottles for use throughout their stay and planting organic gardens outside of each villa, while beyond-Secret Bay commitments include a coral restoration project, which doubles as a guest adventure. 

4. Your taste buds deserve a culinary adventure.

Dining at Secret Bay is an experience. Executive Chef Fábio Fernandes creates and curates flavors that will truly transport your taste buds. Our  sea- and farm-to-table plates are inspired by the island and complemented by Chef Fabio’s multi-continental culinary career. Join us in our open-air dining room at Zing Zing restaurant, reserve a spot on one of our private docks, or enjoy the fresh local fare from your villa.

5. Your body, mind, & soul are craving peace & comfort.

While many travelers come to Dominica in search of thrills and adventure, just as many visit the Nature Island to find peace and comfort within nature. Your stay at Secret Bay is sure to be whatever you need it to be—and if that’s rest and relaxation, we’ll accommodate every step of the way. Whether it’s total privacy in your secluded villa, transformative spa services, or deep connection with the land or sea, you’ll find it here.

Have you convinced yourself a stay at Secret Bay is what you deserve yet? Inquire about your ideal getaway here

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