The Most Romantic Spots to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Secret Bay

Secret Bay has long been a destination for romantic getaways: honeymoons, anniversaries and — of course — Valentine’s Day. While every bit of Secret Bay exudes romance (we designed it that way), these spots have that extra special je ne sais quois. Add in our Rogue Romance package and you have the ultimate curation of sensual offerings to transport your infatuation to another dimension. 

Vetiver Sunset Deck

The best place for sharing a candlelit bottle of wine and watching the sunset over the ocean is Vetiver Sunset Deck. This intimate locale can be reserved through your private villa host at any point during your stay and can be enjoyed however you please. Simply sit back and watch the colors paint the sky, enjoy a decadent dessert for two or sip on your beverage of choice — all delivered directly to you — as you enjoy some sweet alone time with your loved one.

Zing Zing Restaurant

Experience romance with all of your senses at a private table for two at our open-air Zing Zing restaurant. Feast on jaw-dropping views of the Caribbean Sea, tune in to the breeze gently rustling the canopy, catch wafts of the sweet tropical air and delight your taste buds with a world-class meal crafted with the freshest local fare.

Secret Beach

Not only is Secret Beach one of the most secluded spots at Secret Bay, it’s one of the most secluded beaches in the world. Secret Bay guests have unfettered access to this breathtaking oasis via a quick paddle, swim, kayak or boat ride. While a secluded beach is romantic on its own, we invite you to up the ante with a private picnic. Your villa host can arrange for food and drinks, blankets and other amenities to greet you on the beach.

Your Very Own Villa

Whether you plan to spend all day in treehouse bliss or crave a quiet retreat after a long day of exploring the island, your private villa fits the bill. Each villa is strategically sited for intimate seclusion amongst nature, complete with expansive views of the sea and surrounding jungle. Enjoy each other’s company on your private deck, draw a warm bubble bath in your oversized soak tub or sink into bliss on your king-sized bed.

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