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The Caribbean’s Nature Island, Dominica, Gets a Fresh New Look

From stunning cliffs that tower over turquoise waters, to lush landscapes that are every shade of green, Secret Bay’s home country Dominica is the backdrop that sets Secret Bay apart on the world’s stage.  

Both within and beyond resort grounds await a host of perspective-shifting, life-altering experiences. Whether you choose to journey “within” alongside our seasoned healers, explore the living, breathing rainforest, or rappel into the depths of the island on a waterfall canyoning adventure, guests are guaranteed to leave Dominica forever changed.

And now, on the heels of Secret Bay announcing new villas and new amenities, the Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica, has something new of its own – a fresh new brand identity.

Dominica’s new brand identity is as vibrant as the land itself. Developed to depict the island’s lush landscape, undulating Morne Trips Pitons, Dominica’s beloved Sisserou parrot, the island’s Creole culture, and Kalinago heritage, this new branding helps to set Dominica apart in the tourism market and bring to life the Nature Island’s unique characteristics. 

“As part of the brand evolution, we have been working towards establishing a bolder identity for the Commonwealth of Dominica,” said Dominica Tourism Minister Denise Charles. “Dominica is frequently confused with the Dominican Republic so we needed to create a distinction in the mind of potential visitors. A global study revealed that changing the logo would help Dominica stand out in the global tourism market.”

Dominica itself is considered one of the most beautiful destinations in the Caribbean, and Secret Bay was designed to complement the beauty of the Island through both experiences and design. Ready to experience all that makes Dominica truly special? Inquire here.

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