Six-Star Goes Green: A Look at Secret Bay’s Interactive Sustainability Initiatives

Here at Secret Bay, we’re committed to maintaining the land and sea in the pristine condition in which it was found, and work hard to encourage a harmonious interaction between guests, staff, locals and the island itself. That’s why those who visit us in paradise have the coveted opportunity to revel in six-star luxury with an ethical, green twist. 

And while many of our sustainability initiatives happen behind the scenes, a few of our most notable efforts are highly interactive. These are curated experiences that will have a lasting effect on the local environment, while offering guests once-in-a-lifetime adventures that are sure to be a highlight of their stay. Dive into the details below. 

Small Choices, Big Impact

Many of our sustainability initiatives could be seen as small choices, but their impact on the local ecosystem is vast. Our villas are constructed using sustainably-sourced tropical hardwoods and constructed without the use of heavy machinery, lessening the impact on the surrounding areas. 

With no dedicated front desk, guests will head directly to their villa via electric golf cart, where they’ll find compost vessels in their gourmet kitchen and bio-safe soaps,shampoos and body butters in their spa-like bathroom. Most notably, perhaps, Secret Bay has a zero-tolerance policy for single-use plastic, providing guests with borosilicate glass water bottles and made-on-site hand sanitizer dispensed from glass bottles. 

Coral Restoration

Our newest guest experience, the Coral Restoration Project lets guests learn about coral and its importance to our oceans and world via a hands-on guided class on the sand. Then, through a once-in-a-lifetime snorkeling or scuba diving excursion, you’ll get a chance to plant a reproduced, healthy coral in a protected area. It’s a beautiful way to see the unique wildlife under the sea, while making a positive impact on our local ecosystem.

Island-to-Table Dining

Fresh, sustainable cuisine is at the heart of every Secret Bay stay. When you arrive at your villa, you’ll find locally sourced produce, coffee and teas waiting for you to snack on. Surrounding each villa, we maintain organic gardens for each guest’s sole use, whether for a fresh veggie omelette or backyard-to-table afternoon spread. 

One of the most sought-after dining experiences is an opportunity to catch your dinner. Lionfish, while beautiful, are an invasive species that threatens the natural marine ecosystem of the Caribbean. One of our guides can take you on a fishing trip, where you’ll have the opportunity to catch a lionfish of your own. Chef Fabio will then prepare the lionfish to your liking for your in-villa dinner and cooking class that evening. Fresh, delicious, and helpful to the environment — win, win, win.

For a deeper look at our sustainability initiatives at Secret Bay, read up on our values here

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