Secret Bay, The Gold Standard for Citizenship by Investment Opportunities, Exceeds ROI Forecasts by 40%+

The Residences at Secret Bay announced it exceeded ROI forecasts for the first quarter of 2022 and is paying its more than 100 Citizenship by Investment (CBI) owners from around the globe 40%+ more than projected. The globally-recognised CBI project, which is part of award-winning Secret Bay and was recently called “one of the most sought after and renowned hotels in the Caribbean” by Honourable Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica at the resort’s 10-year celebration, has been consistently paying out returns to its investors since first launching sales in 2019. With its commitment to selling built product, paying out positive returns, offering a competitive exit strategy on the vacation home market, while providing a hedge against currency instability,  The Residences at Secret Bay has become the gold standard for the real estate option under Dominica’s CBI programme and is setting records for sales success.

“We conservatively estimate 2% – 3% returns to our shareholders, and we averaged 4.3% in our most recent quarter, signaling a strengthening recovery with improved occupancies and rates,” said Gregor Nassief, proprietor of Secret Bay and The Residences at Secret Bay, and CEO of GEMS Holdings Limited. “We’re continuing to see investors from around the globe who prefer to invest in a project with a history of strong financial performance. And, further, with the recent currency instability in various regions of the world, we’re seeing investors choosing a real estate product that is tied to the US currency which creates a level of stability.”

A Residences CBI investor, D. Castaños & W. Bainbridge, said: “Investing in The Residences at Secret Bay has proven to be a very successful decision: The professionalism and excellent treatment of everyone involved in the program is at the highest. Their genuine kindness, the on-time ROI payments and the continuing email updates make me feel very safe as an investor. I consistently receive cheques providing a regular return from the investment and I am kept notified of the development of the residences and everything else that might touch my interest as an investor. The Residences at Secret Bay’s CBI programme is a trustworthy one. I am confident they will continue succeeding and providing success for all involved.”  

The Residences recently released Dominica’s most expensive multi-villa compound with the option for CBI, as published in the Wall Street Journal, and launched its Phase 3 sales, which includes three under construction extended floor plan Ti-Fèy Villas, and selling out of Phase 2. 

The Residences’ CBI offering is priced at US $208k for fractional ownership and from US $1.5 million for whole ownership. To learn more about Citizenship by Investment in The Residences at Secret Bay, visit: For a consultation, please email [email protected] or call +1 767 445 4444.

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