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Featured Guests: Proving You Are Never Too Old for Romance and Adventure

Cliff and Irene came to stay with us for a month earlier this year. Despite being in their seventies and early eighties, they were relentlessly active – so much so that we bought a treadmill for their villa so Irene could keep exercising if it happened to be raining!

SB: What made you book Secret Bay for such a long period of time?
C&I Until four years ago we spent 3 to 4 weeks most winters escaping the harsh Boston cold weather by SCUBA diving all over the Caribbean or exploring East and Southeast Asia. When we decided to retire from these activities because of our age, we sought a quiet, luxurious but informal resort with good and varied food and dependable services as a base to explore the beauty of nature…rain forests, waterfalls, beaches, tropical birds, etc. We prefer these pleasures to places with steel bands and more formal attire.

Surprisingly, this was difficult to find until we came upon Secret Bay with its tranquil setting, gorgeous views, excellent food and friendly non-intrusive reliable staff. Although it was relaxed and non-pretentious we were provided with the equipment and luxuries of home such as fine binoculars, WiFi, daily newspapers on a kindle, a cell phone programmed with the numbers of the staff who were always available, top quality kitchen equipment, all in a wonderful natural setting. In this setting we have felt free to engage in some water sports, visit the magnificent natural sites of Domeinica, and just relax. We particularly appreciated the option of  preparing a few of our meals ourselves.

SB: What made you book to come back for another month?
C&I: We chose to come back again because Secret Bay and its staff generously delivered more than was promised. After four years of frustrating searching we had found a Winter home. We wish Secret Bay had existed earlier in our lives.  It is a wonderful base for SCUBA diving and more active sports.

SB: You have travelled a lot in your life and we are amazed at your vitality and energy. From all of your travels and experience, can you share with us what is the secret to living life to the fullest?

C&I: We have no secret. However our life has been and continues to be full. We enjoy the City pleasures of opera, theatre, fine dining, museums, etc. We enjoy our friends. Most important, despite our advanced ages, we have continued working, (albeit fewer hours) in our profession as physician-psychiatrist-teacher, and feel gratified that we can continue contributing to the well-being of others in this way. If there is a “secret” it is our love for each other.

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