Prime Minister Declares Secret Bay Will Enhance the Integrity of Dominica’s CBI Programme

The Residences at Secret Bay, the qualifying investment for citizenship under Dominica’s CBI Programme that is nearing close out of sales for Phase 1, receives enthusiastic praise from Dominica’s Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Honourable Dr. Roosevelt Skerrit, during a webinar featuring Dominica’s CBI Programme.

In his interview, Prime Minister Skerrit was applauded for his leadership and Dominica’s low COVID-19 count and for most recently Dominica’s CBI Programme being ranked first in the CBI Index, the most prestigious resource cataloging all active CBI programmes across the globe conducted by Professional Wealth Management magazine — a publication from the respected Financial Times. As second citizenship proves to be this year’s most coveted currency, the Caribbean’s “Nature Island” distinguishes itself as leader amongst Citizenship by Investment programmes earning the title of the “World’s Best Country for Second Citizenship” for the fourth consecutive year.

When asked about The Residences at Secret Bay, Prime Minister Skerrit was quick to state “that [ Secret Bay ] will enhance the integrity of our [CBI] program. [Gregor Nassief’s] project is centered around the protection and the conservation of the environment.  I would say to anyone who is listening to me that investing in Secret Bay, you can be assured of your investment. You can be assured of a return on your investment. It is a project that cannot be compared to any other in the Caribbean.”

Prime Minister Skerrit also spoke about why Dominica has consistently topped the Citizenship by Investment ranking for the world’s best programme and why people from all over the world are now claiming their golden ticket to the Caribbean’s Nature Island, including these six reasons:

  1. Competitive Initial Capital Investment: Relatively speaking, compared to the fourteen other countries studied this year, Dominica is the most affordable. At US $100,000 direct donation or US $200,000 minimum investment in approved real estate, Dominica is much more accessible than other countries, which can reach the high-hundred-thousands to low-millions. 
  2. Travel & Residence Conditions: It’s not necessary to travel to, or reside in, Dominica before, during or after the citizenship process, making it much easier to complete the process on the investor’s own timeline. 
  3. Programme Reputation and Longevity. Dominica’s Citizenship by Investment Programme was established in 1993, making it one of the longest-standing programmes in the industry.
  4. Efficient and Transparent Processing. Dominica operates a straightforward, streamlined approval model, maintaining one of the fastest processing times in the CBI industry with applications typically taking less than three months from start to finish. 
  5. Robust Due Diligence Procedures. Dominica uses regional bodies and international due diligence firms to ensure the highest levels of background checks are performed on each applicant. 
  6. Groundbreaking New Policy for Families. Dominica’s Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit recently introduced five major changes to the country’s CBI programme that include a significant expansion of dependent family members who can qualify for second citizenship as part of the same application or even after the receipt of citizenship.

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