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New Year, New Travel Trend: An Eco-Conscious Getaway

As we enter not just a new year, but a new decade, we’re seeking out refreshed, forward-thinking ways of initiating both personal and global change—which, for us at Secret Bay, means taking care of our environment, for today and for future generations. And now, others are catching on. Sustainable travel is becoming the new norm worldwide, making every detail—from how you’re traveling, where you’re going and what you’ll do while there—hugely important. And at Secret Bay, this ethos has been ingrained into our vision since day one. So, if you’re looking to get away without leaving a carbon footprint behind, here’s why our Dominica hideaway should be at the top of your list. 

1. Dominica is on track to become the first climate-resilient country.

While the fight against single-use plastic is in the news as a recent global movement, Dominica is taking this crusade to an entirely new level by setting itself on track to become the first climate-resilient country in the world. Back in February 2018, former U.S. President Bill Clinton asserted that Dominica is, in fact, one of the most auspicious locales in the world to produce clean energy and become a leader in sustainability. And at Secret Bay, our Green Globe Certification certainly upholds the island’s mission. 

2. Secret Bay is sustainably built and maintained.

Our villas have been conscientiously sited to avoid clearing mature trees, resting among the natural beauty of the island instead of taking its place. We meticulously build each without the use of heavy machinery, using sustainably-sourced Guyanese Greenheart and furnished the villas with exquisite, locally-crafted furniture made with Dominican Red Cedar. Beyond design, green practices are enshrined in our daily upkeep, from the simple use of wastewater for drip irrigation in landscaping to building community through our commitment to weaving locally-made, environmentally-sensitive products and services into our day-to-day operations and intimate guest experience.

3. Eating local, fresh food is good for you and the environment.

When you arrive at Secret Bay, you’ll be greeted with locally-made snacks packaged in plastic-free, biodegradable packaging. You’ll be fed world-class meals composed of hyper-local and sustainably-sourced seafood, herbs and produce from the gardens on our property. You’ll even have the opportunity to catch your own food during a lionfish catch excursion with a local fisherman. By catching and eating this invasive species—which threatens the coral reef and native fish, you’ll get to take part in maintaining and balancing the native ecosystem. 

Secret Bay is proud to lead the island in our worldwide effort cut back in energy consumption, and we look forward to seeing the future impact Dominica can make as a global power in sustainability. Now, are you ready to embark on your eco-conscious getaway? Your sustainable retreat awaits. 

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