“When is Now” Luxury Travel Blog Reviews Spectacular Stay at Secret Bay

When is Now, a luxury travel blog by Andrea Astudillo, leaves a glowing review of Secret Bay after visiting the boutique hotel in late November. The write-up is incredibly poetic, highlighting the transformative experience she and her husband had at Secret Bay. From its inherent aura of romance to attentive staff, Secret Bay allowed Andrea to reconnect with both herself and her husband. Above all, it her facilitated her quest to “get lost.”

“How do you convey a feeling? That’s really what the Secret Bay experience is about: how it makes you feel. It’s an experience with a unique intimacy that extends through every aspect: how you are welcomed, how you are cared for, the pleasure from the food and excitement of new flavors, the comfort and intimacy of the villas, the soothing envelopment of nature.”


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