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MyDomaine Features Secret Bay as Romantic Vacation – For Yourself

MyDomaine, renowned online publisher of chic lifestyle inspiration and advice with 1.5 million monthly visitors, has featured Secret Bay in recent laudatory article “I Went on a Romantic Couples Vacation – With Myself.” Senior Editor Sophia Miura ventured beyond her comfort zone and traveled to Secret Bay by herself, indulging in a sumptuous getaway to both challenge and treat herself. Although traveling unaccompanied to such a luxurious destination may seem unusual, Secret Bay ultimately convinced Miura of the importance of self-care and time alone. While Secret Bay is certainly known for its romantic ambiance, this romance is not exclusive to couples; in fact, this paradisaical aura can be most forcefully felt when solo.

“What I didn’t realize at the time was that the four-day adventure would challenge and change the most important relationship: the one I have with myself.”


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