Luxury Escapes Magazine Spotlights Secret Bay in “Call of the Islands”

Luxury Escapes Magazine, an Australian publication that features luxury travel destinations worldwide, has spotlighted Secret Bay in an article titled “Call of the Islands” in their March issue. The write-up features the boutique hotel as a prime getaway for the adventurous, where guests can trek the Waitukubuli National Trail and dwell amongst utmost luxury at the day’s end.

“Dominica is known as ‘nature island’ due to its abundance of rivers, volcanoes, mountains, hot springs, waterfalls and beaches. It’s also home to the Waitukubuli National Trail, a 183km track that runs the length of the island. Along the way, pass traditional Kalinago villages and ruins of 18th-century French settlements. Stay in one of the six luxury villas at award-winning boutique resort Secret Bay, which has recently adopted a segment of the Waitukubuli trail, meaning it’s responsible for its maintenance and can arrange for guests to experience it by foot or sea.”