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Harper’s Bazaar Features Secret Bay as Dominica’s Best Luxury Hotel

Harper’s Bazaar, a world-renowned publication that features sophisticated news in fashion trends, beauty and travel—garnering over 5 million monthly visitors—has featured Secret Bay as Dominica’s one and only place to stay in an article recounting all the reasons why one should visit the island. Travel writer Anthony Berklich emphasizes Secret Bay’s peerless luxury amidst a truly unrivaled location, making note of each unique detail—from five-star service, boundless opportunities for adventure, to in-villa pre-stocking of locally-sourced foods. According to Berklich, Secret Bay is a matchless retreat in which every indulgence holds supreme value:

“While it [Secret Bay] currently rises above any and all other options for luxury amenities and accommodations on the island, this property doesn’t rest on its laurels. It’s a private, exclusive eco-luxury experience ideal for those looking to feel as if they’ve rented a villa that is serviced, flawlessly, like a hotel.”



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