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Dominica in Top 10 Ethical Travel Destinations for 2016

January 12 2016

Every year, Ethical Traveler reviews the policies and practices of hundreds of nations in the developing world. The company then chooses the ten destinations that are doing the best work at promoting human rights, protecting the environment and supporting social welfare —all while creating a lively, community-based tourism industry.

According to Ethical Traveller, “By visiting these countries, we can use our economic leverage to reward good works and support best practices.”

Dominica was one of just two (the other was Grenada) Caribbean islands to make the list. This is what Ethical Traveller said about our beautiful island:

“Dominica continues to lead the Caribbean Islands in the development of geothermal electricity, and has set the goal to rely fully on renewable energy. The country is even expecting to supply energy to other Caribbean countries.”

Education is a priority in Dominica, with literacy rates of 94%, well above the global average of 84%.

Dominica, long hailed as one of the few Caribbean nations to consistently stand against the whaling industry, has upped its efforts to protect those magnificent ethicaltravellerlogocreatures by creating a nationwide, compulsory primary school curriculum aimed at teaching students to respect and care for whales—along with other marine life living in their coastal waters.


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