In Memoriam: Fruto Vivas, The Lead Architect and Visionary Behind Secret Bay

Secret Bay mourns the loss and is celebrating the life of Fruto Vivas (1928 – 2022), who passed away on August 23, 2022.

As the father of Secret Bay’s co-founder Sandra Vivas, Fruto was the driving force behind Secret Bay’s architectural concept. Having visited Secret Bay’s undeveloped site, Fruto gifted an architectural vision for the land to Sandra and Gregor as a wedding gift. It was this vision, combined with Fruto’s love and respect for the natural environment, that has shaped what Secret Bay has become today.

Fruto has been honored by not only Secret Bay at the resort’s 10-year anniversary celebration as one of the 10 most influential people in Secret Bay’s history, but also internationally as an architect for his artful fusion of high design that embraces nature’s rich qualities. 

“I always say that I have only one project: the unity of architecture with nature.” – Fruto Vivas

Following his passing, Arch Daily wrote a story featuring Fruto’s other architectural achievements and the impact he had around the world. You may read it here.

Sandra’s beautiful tribute to her father encompasses how Fruto approached architecture and celebrated the art of design, always aiming to create spaces for “maximum happiness”: 

“Here at Secret Bay we feel extremely proud and honored that he gave us as our wedding gift the first drawings of what was supposed to be our home here – that was the first seed of Secret Bay. After many conversations and many changes, Secret Bay was born as an act of love – he often referred to Architecture as “Architectendernes” – in this case, an act of love of a boy for a beach, a man and a woman and a father for his daughter! Gracias Papi, te amo!”  – Sandra Vivas

Fruto Vivas created the foundation upon which Secret Bay was built and our team is honoured to have been part of what is now one of Fruto’s legacies: Secret Bay.

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