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How do our Villas Stay Looking so Good?

Vincent Laurent
Featured Staff member Vincent Laurent. Thank Vincent. Vincent has been here from the beginning, part of the original construction crew that built Secret Bay. And as he is a Kalinago, who were here before Columbus arrived in 1493, it’s fair to say that his ancestors have been here even longer. When he worked on building the original villas and bungalows, he was such a great carpenter with a fantastic personality that we just had to keep hold of him… so we asked him to stay on and be our senior maintenance technician.  He’s now the main man ensuring your villas and bungalows stay in pristine condition throughout the year. And though he may be running the show now, he still loves to roll up his sleeves, which is why he rejoined the construction crew to build Zabuco II and III, before reintegrating into the Secret Bay team once it was all done. He does take some time away from all this hard work too, and is rarely happier than when teaching guests how to fish or showing them our secret cave.  (Photo by Derek Galon)

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