GEMS CEO Gregor Nassief on Why Citizenship Investors Should Invest in Secret Bay

The decision to obtain Citizenship by Investment has risen in popularity due to the benefits it offers beyond citizenship. For the wealthy, it’s no longer solely about obtaining a passport for the benefit of visa-free travel throughout Europe and the freedom to live anywhere on the continent. Instead, it’s about diversifying one’s portfolio from a wealth management perspective. Further, Citizenship by Investment is evolving and is now seen as a new asset class for global citizens. Today, asset managers are recommending Citizenship by Investment as a necessary component of the portfolios of their HNWI clients.

As with any asset in a portfolio, amongst diversification, it’s wise to minimise risk and find ways to be rewarded both financially and in life. When Citizenship by Investment is a consideration, two main deciding factors are which country you’re dealing with and what its investment vehicle is like. 

In the below video, Gregor Nassief, proprietor of Secret Bay and Chairman/CEO of GEMS, shares his insight on benefits of investing in The Residences at Secret Bay, Dominica’s only Citizenship by Investment opportunity with completed villas, proven financial performance and a competitive exit strategy with a robust market for resale. Dominica’s CBI Programme has also been recognized as “World’s Best Country for Second Citizenship” by Financial Times subsidiary Professional Wealth Management.

Here are the Four Key Reasons for Citizenship Investors to Invest in Secret Bay:

1. Existing Operation and a Ready Product

In its eight years of operation, Secret Bay has earned the reputation of being known as one of the world’s most acclaimed boutique resorts for its six-star experience. Now, for the first time, its existing award-winning villas with private pools are now available for immediate purchase. This means that Citizenship Investors are investing in a proven, operating asset with rental demand and rental returns. Secret Bay has a strong track record, with an average 70+ percent historical occupancy rates and showing an 80+ percent growth in its average daily rate since opening its doors as a resort over eight years ago. Citizenship Investors can look forward to positive financial returns from day one of their investment.

2. A development with a competitive Exit Strategy 

A very unique differentiator of The Residences at Secret Bay versus other CBI opportunities is that The Residences is also being sold to non-Citizenship buyers, known as Lifestyle Buyers, who are acquiring second or third vacation homes in the Caribbean. This means that Citizenship Investors can benefit from a robust resale market and sell their investment in Secret Bay to Lifestyle Buyers after just three years or to Citizenship buyers after five years. This is one of the most flexible and competitive exit strategies in the industry. 

3. Extensive industry experience  

Secret Bay is part of GEMS, which owns and manages hotels that have successfully operated in Dominica for over 30 years. Further, it is owned and operated by Dominica-born entrepreneur Gregor Nassief. This means that Secret Bay is committed to Dominica and has the experience and agility to navigate the challenges and ensure the future success of Secret Bay.

4. Global Reciprocity Program

Beyond the dedicated service and privileged access that one obtains from being a CBI owner at The Residences at Secret Bay, families will have further access to the portfolio of GEMS, as well as global reciprocity with our partner Third Home, granting CBI owners access to vacation homes around the world.

To learn more about Citizenship by Investment in The Residences at Secret Bay, click here. Or, for consultation, please email [email protected].

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