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Former US President Clinton Asserts Dominica Can Lead the Way in Producing Clean Energy

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Dominica is entirely ahead of the curve with respect to its practice of sustainable tourism, and Secret Bay in particular exists—and will persist—upon a system of values to sustain the natural purity of its native community and habitat. On February 6, 2018, Former US President Bill Clinton attended a press conference in Dominica where he asserted that the island is, perhaps, one of the most auspicious locales in the world to pave the way in producing clean energy.

In the conference, which stands as a true triumph for the island, Clinton spoke to the Caribbean’s undeniable capability to be a global leader in sustainability: “We have the chance to make it [the Caribbean] the first sustainable region in the world and now Prime Minister [Roosevelt Skerrit] has said at the beginning of his great speech at the UN that he wants Dominica to be the first totally climate resilient country on earth.” While small, the Nature Island could prove its stature worldwide for producing clean power, reducing the threat of climate change and subsequently improving its domestic economy.

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These sustainability tactics are, indeed, what Secret Bay was founded upon. Clinton stated that “Dominica has the chance to prove that the Caribbean can be more prosperous by building resilient homes”—which, indeed, Secret Bay is globally acclaimed for. Our residences are composed entirely of sustainably-sourced tropical hardwoods; and, even more impressive is the fact that no heavy machinery was involved in construction. Secret Bay was assembled meticulously by hand.

At Secret Bay, our energy consumption averages 3.7 percent of revenue versus the industry norm of 7+ percent. And, upon our reopening in November 2018, we will unveil design and engineering adjustments to our residences, each of which has been carefully considered with energy efficiency and climate resilience as the top priority.

As such, we are thrilled to see the island gain international attention for ethics that are simply inherent. Former US President Clinton’s visit to Dominica sheds light on an even brighter future for the Nature Island to lead the way in producing clean energy not just locally or amongst the Caribbean but, indeed, worldwide.

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