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Fly into a Bird Watching Holiday at Secret Bay

With temperatures ranging from the high-60s to the low-80s all year long, the island of Dominica has a consistent tropical climate that is ideal for some of the most fascinating kinds of wildlife in the world. Among the flora and fauna of this temperate paradise are nearly 200 unique species of birds, making Secret Bay a delight for serious bird watchers and curious vacationers alike.

Below, get a glimpse of some of the birds you’re likely to spot within and around Secret Bay. And if you want to rise and shine at the threshold of it all, look no further than our Ylang Ylang villa—perfectly immersed within bird-loving foliage with vistas of the azure Caribbean Sea just beyond.

Sisserou Parrot (Amazona imperialis)

Found within the Syndicate Parrot Reserve, this colorful creature happens to be the national bird of Dominica and is specially protected under national laws.

Jaco Parrot (Amazona arausiaca)

Along with the Sisserou Parrot, the Jaco Parrot is protected under Dominica law. Both birds are only found on the island, so be sure to look out for both during your trip.

Magnificent Frigate Bird (Fregata magnificens)

Often spotted within Secret Bay, this appropriately named bird has a wingspan of over 7 feet. View them soaring over the ocean, seldom flapping their wings and instead gliding through the air.

Yellow-billed Cuckoo (Coccyzus americanus)

If your visit falls in the wintertime, you’ll likely encounter this migratory bird. While fairly common around Secret Bay, this bird is usually heard before it’s seen. Fun fact: they tend to make noise in response to thunder, earning themselves the nickname of “rain crow.”

Blue-headed Hummingbird (Cyanophaia bicolor)

This jewel-colored hummingbird can only be found in Dominica or Martinique. Look for the blue-headed hummingbird foraging for insects in the canopy or for nectar in gardens or coffee plantations.

Purple-throated Carib (Eulampis jugularis)

A colorful hummingbird native to the tropics, the purple-throated carib can be found in middle to high elevations in humid forests. It’s recognized by watchers by its distinctive low, nasal, throaty buzz. This bird can be found within Secret Bay and the Syndicate Nature Trail.

Yellow Crowned Night Heron (Nyctanassa violacea)

When venturing out to the water or wetlands, you may encounter the yellow crowned night heron. These black-and-white-and-yellow birds are typically spotted alone near shallow water or perched on a stump or tree branch.

You can view these incredible species and more within Secret Bay’s gates and beyond, such as on the Syndicate Nature Trail with Dr. Birdy and along the Indian River. Secret Bay’s concierge will be happy to schedule you a bird watching tour when booking your trip or at check in.

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