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Featured Staff: “Sweet Hands” Rose

Featured staff member sweet hands

We know that despite our breathtaking location, our luxury residences and all the fun activities on offer – it’s our staff who make Secret Bay “a pure top-notch experience”. And one such member of staff is Rosette Lewis, one of Secret Bay’s four cooks. Known as “Sweet Hands” Rose, her talents in the kitchen have not gone unnoticed: “The food was unbelievable!” “Local, beautifully prepared, and satisfying in every way” and “The food was the best we have eaten of all of our many travels. The meals were fresh, organic and just delicious.” Meals – including treats such as Fresh lobster in Creole sauce and Vegan brownies made with ripe bananas, cocoa and “farine” (handmade cassava flour) washed down with a selection of juices (such as passion fruit or sorrel), coconut water, cocoa tea or a fine wine – can be served in the privacy of your tree-top bungalow or on the balcony overlooking the sea in your luxury villa. Mouth watering? Secret Bay’s food, prepared and cooked by the “sweet hands” of Rose, Delo, Megan and Lucia awaits you! Book now. (Photo by Paul Huynh)

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