Featured Associate: Trudy Scott – Prevost

Featured associate trudy
As you explore Secret Bay chances are you may bump into someone standing in tree pose; it may be Trudy our Master Yoga Teacher or perhaps a guest inspired by her sessions. As founder of Rainbow Yoga Health and Wellness Trudy has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 40 years. Settling in Dominica was a fulfillment of a persistent dream after a year’s sabbatical travelling the Caribbean studying local foods, herbs and healthy lifestyles that contribute to Dominica’s famed longevity and wellness.

So what do guests love about yoga with Trudy? “First and foremost they love practicing yoga in nature; looking out to sea, and breathing the clean pure air of Secret Bay takes their practice to another dimension; the yoga becomes transcendental. 50% of our guests are beginners so they love that I can cater to the needs of both a nervous novice and an advanced practitioner in the same class. Highly experienced practitioners have the delight of discovering new techniques because of the wide range of positions and variations. Finally our guests can totally relax in just one yoga class so free to enjoy their stay in this extraordinary award winning resort.”

She is excited that her Couples Yoga class is now in the Honeymoon & Anniversary package. It is a unique opportunity for couples to explore and deepen the intimacy, support, trust, respect, playfulness and love so important in long term relationships. To see one another with a depth they never imagined possible. So anytime from sunrise to sunset you can experience her unique yoga program in the privacy of your own villa or in one of the many beautiful natural environs offered by Secret Bay. (Photo by Lu Szumskyj)

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