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Featured Associate: Dr. Birdy

We pride ourselves on working with the best people. So when it comes to taking tours to see Dominica’s spectacular wildlife, there’s one guy we love to call. Dr Birdy (his real name is Bertrand Jno Baptiste) is our island’s best known ornithologist and an expert on the rest of our fauna and flora too. He’s one of those remarkable birders able to see and hear birds where most of us lesser mortals struggle to make them out amongst the lush rainforest – and Dominica’s foliage is particularly lush.  He also loves to share his passions with guests, introducing them to our rich and diverse birdlife – from the endemic Sisserou, our national bird, to many of the 188 others found on the island (of which Dr Birdy has spotted a staggering 171): from purple throated caribs to Antillean crested hummingbirds and Plumbeous Warblers. And when he’s not doing that, he works for Dominica’s Forestry, Wildlife and Parks Division; has collaborated in writing several books about the island’s birds; and has even been involved in tracking parrot smugglers. You may come here to chill out. But Dr Birdy will be busy making sure the island remains as beautiful as you dreamed before you came. (Photo by the McInnes Family)

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