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Featured Associate: Don Mitchell


Don takes Secret Bay Guests on the Lionfish tour. We asked him about his life on and under the waters of Dominica.

What is it you love most about being on the waters around Dominica?
The clarity of the water; the varieties of fishes and the beautiful coral reefs.

What’s the most exciting thing you’ve seen on or under the waters around Dominica?
It was a good day for snorkelling so I took the guests out to Toucarie bay reef to have a beautiful experience. We dropped down in 15 feet of  water and started the snorkelling tour…  five minutes in out of the corner of my eyes i saw a fin movement resembling a shark fin. I kept my eyes on the movement while it got closer and closer and to my surprise it was about a 300lbs blue marlin. I just kept my eyes on it while it swam back into the deep. It was a heart pounding experience.

What’s you favourite place in Dominica’s waters?
Around the Cabrits national park because in the area you can find the most reefs, reef fishes such as groupers, snappers, jack, grunts etc; and sometimes you might see a green or hawksbill turtle and the huge barrel sponges or even a great barracuda.

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