Enliven All of Your Senses with 5 Secret Bay Experiences

See Colorful Marine Life on a Snorkeling Excursion

Dip into the teal-blue realm just beyond Secret Beach and set your eyes upon a bewildering world rich in marine life and coral. Snorkeling at Secret Bay allows you to see the unseen, explore the unexplored; we have gone above and beyond to protect life beneath the sea surface so as to keep our environment as unspoilt as possible. This preservation just so happens to be of great value to our guests. So, take advantage of our snorkeling gear and plunge into the ocean’s wild cosmos of color. Search among the ins and outs of coral for the beautiful Fairy Basslet, a fish about two inches long with a vibrant purple head and yellow tail. If you’re willing to dive deeper, keep an eye out for a Spotted Scorpionfish, which sits camouflaged on the seafloor to snap up prey. There are countless species to behold; in fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you discovered an entirely new one. Secret Bay offers a truly perfect sight to sea.


Smell the Aromas of an In-Villa Cooking Class

Close your eyes and bask in the aroma of Caribbean cooking right on the terrace of your own villa or bungalow. With one of Secret Bay’s personalised cooking classes, our chefs will bring traditional Dominican cuisine straight to you, instilling
the Caribbean sea breeze with unforgettable aromas. With every fruit tree native to the land growing on the Secret Bay property – from guava to pineapple, sweetsop to breadfruit, and coconuts with their thirst-quenching water and jelly – it will be a feast for your senses. The gardens on the property are bursting with a variety of wild herbs, perfect for seasoning your freshly-caught Kingfish or brewing your own herbal tea. Nothing will revive your memories of Secret Bay so completely as a smell that was once associated with it.


Hear the Rare Jaco Parrot

The Dominican sea breeze carries with it a current of music; the captivating songs of the jungle. Listen to the mesmerizing ebb and flow of the ocean with a chorus of chirps from the island’s most extraordinary birds. Embark upon one of Secret Bay’s most prized excursions to Syndicate Falls, where you will join the famed Dr. Birdy along a revelatory rainforest walk; the only way to truly inherit the wisdom of the Nature Island and all that it has to offer. Reunite with your long-lost childlike wonder as you spot some of the most colorful endemic bird species in the world, including the rare Jaco Parrot. Listen, as he uses his voice to communicate, evoking a melody and harmony among the gnarled vines of the surrounding Swampblood trees.


Taste Your Fresh-Caught Lionfish

Dominica cuisine is rooted in the inherent flavors of the local bounty; every dish that Chef Eric prepares is a celebration of the fresh and unprocessed ingredients that he sources daily. Nevertheless, there’s no better taste than that of glory. As such, Secret Bay hosts a private boat excursion off the shores of Tibay Beach, where you have the option to fish or watch our resident expert make the catch as you snorkel among the turquoise waters. This expedition culminates in a cooking class in the comfort of your own villa, where you’ll prepare the fresh catch. The Lionfish, a newcomer to the island and a threat to indigenous fish populations, has delicate white meat that is ideal for innovative recipes, making for a delicious and sustainable supper.


Melt into the Tender Touch of Massage

Melt into the soul of Dominica upon the terrace of your own villa and bungalow as you indulge in a massage after a long day of adventure; a true necessity that feels like a luxury. Feel your muscles, tense from any of the varying activities Secret Bay offers, relax and diffuse into the sea breeze that embraces your skin. Using locally blended oils, our qualified therapists will treat you to the most exquisite massage experience in a matchless setting. Choose to have your treatment while your loved one is relaxing elsewhere; or, enjoy the unifying experience of a couples massage as two therapists simultaneously relieve you both of any current or lingering stress.


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