Embark on a One-of-a-Kind Culinary Adventure at Secret Bay’s Zing Zing Restaurant

Here on the Nature Island, adventure extends beyond Dominica’s 365 meandering rivers, rushing waterfalls and unspoiled turquoise waters. In fact, a satiating experience awaits you within every moment at Secret Bay, teeming with different sights, scents and tastes. And at the new Zing Zing restaurant in particular, there are boundless adventures to be had. Food tourism has garnered immense popularity in recent years, and Secret Bay is at the global forefront of culinary adventure. Get a taste why below.

Culinary Trend: No-Menu Concept

In a world of fast casual cuisine and customization, more and more fine diners and chefs are yearning for less optionality. And while tasting menus have become increasingly popular, some chefs have taken it a step further. Here at Secret Bay, Executive Chef Grant Lynott has introduced a remarkable “no-menu” concept, which allows for more experiential dining as he draws on his own creativity to reimagine the seasonal, local ingredients that he finds available that day. As such, each dish becomes a story, allowing Chef Grant to develop a more intimate connection with both his guests and the ingredients he and his team so prudently gather each morning.

Zing Zing Restaurant

Backyard-to-Table Cuisine

There’s farm-to-table cuisine, and then there’s backyard-to-table cuisine. Secret Bay’s land is overflowing with wild herbs that Chef Grant gathers daily with the help of local staff, as well as their friends and family. And with the “no-menu” concept at Zing Zing, Chef Grant is able to experiment with the local ingredients that his team members remember as kids and transform them into new ideas each day. He likewise sources seafood, meat, poultry and produce from the best nearby farmers and fishermen, with whom he shares a close relationship and visits daily to find what’s fresh.

Zing Zing Restaurant

An Ever-Changing Culinary Landscape

One of the first dishes Chef Grant made at Zing Zing consisted of a red snapper caught by Secret Bay’s water sports coordinator and a “tiger’s milk” made with sorrel and fresh moringa leaves that he ripped from a tree on the way to work. That being said, each dish defies the modern constructs of fine dining. No meal, no ingredient, will ever be the same as it once was. And, well, that’s an unforgettable adventure in and of itself. So, if you’re among the many travelers worldwide seeking a unique culinary experience, look no further than Secret Bay. What was here today will be gone tomorrow. You could find yourself within a truly revolutionary culinary moment.

Zing Zing Restaurant

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